Inu x Boku SS : The Day We Came Together [END]

Episode 12

“Futari ni natta Hi” (二人になった日)

I’m not even going to pretend I know what to write to be honest. This seems to be the final of the series though there is a OVA that is tagged on the end. I might watch it but right now this is it…

Where to even begin?

I guess with the bit I didn’t like.

We finally got the moment it was building to and Soshi gets his wish to be with Ririchiyo. I still think its creepy, I think its even creepier that no one, even after pointing out the 7 year age gap, seems to think its weird. I guess that is just the kind of people they are and we probably are meant to be giving them some credit for being half-Demon or something.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, the ending over the credits was hilarious especially with her going into the room and finding his shrine to her because it just proves my point that its creepy as being true.

What I did like was Rensho with the kid. Him not knowing how to talk to him about reincarnation and things like that, the whole concept of a time capsule coming from Natsume who probably does know a bit more about the future then anyone else. It was just a nice part of the episode.

My problem is that it just wasn’t a anime made for me so I felt like the ending was kind of drab and whilst I enjoyed the episode a lot I also felt like I was missing the point.

It was a good episode though and I like that we got to see all the characters being themselves in the final episode. I will leave this short and not really say much more because I’ll leave it for my Final Thoughts blog next week. I guess its kind of sad to be finished with the series but at the same time its not like any of it is going to make me want to run back to it any time soon.

Really feel like Rensho was a vastly under rated and underused character.

Also would have loved to have seen a little more of Natsume and maybe something slightly more serious to him.

Overall though it was decent.


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