Zapped : Mr Wuffles

The final episode of the first season, it was a pilot season so whilst the next season has a full 6 episodes this was the finale for the first.

Happy that it was picked up for at least two more seasons because it was a hoot and this episode was just as good!

For a show that didn’t know if it would continue past this episode I really think they did a good job of giving us a decent send off if it did go but a good catch for if it came back.

Once more Barbara is correct in the larger scale of things predicting that Brian would stand in front of a army with her and their bundle. By the end of the episode he was indeed holding a bundle, next to Barbara in front of a army, I don’t think he was going to go on to do anything great seeing all he did was start a war with a snail like people who he had kicked the head shell of earlier in the episode but there he was.

Sharon Rooney was the absolute highlight of the episode. Her telling Brian’s fortune at the beginning was so cute, getting excited thinking that she might be the woman in Brian’s life, again wonderful reactions from Herman to the predictions too, then later on as she got jealous and went to visit Effandra to try and get her to leave and not go to the wish granting with Brian she was just wonderful. Really love Barbara, she is probably my favourite character, they can all be really cruel to her like Howell tricking her into eating the plant that knocks people out just because she was getting excited but she never seems to let it get to her too much.

The sad thing is that she does let it knock her confidence and they’ll find a way to make it out that she didn’t predict this when she completely predicted this.

I love the subtle comedy in it too like when the spirit finally grants the wish and turns into human and just kind of shrugs it off and walks away. Just small moments of really funny jokes that make it flow so well, some really funny play or words too. I don’t think it gets enough credit for just how funny it manages to be all the way through a episode and you kind of need to watch it more then once to make sure you catch all the little comments and off hand things that happen that are hilarious. Like I don’t think I’ve really ever noticed that there is some kind of synth noise being played when Morgan talks if not Sally Phillips is doing a wonderful hiss that makes it sound like something else is going on with her voice.

So Brian wastes his wish that could have taken him home on a sick Throck that he then ends up in seconds turning into a bunch of sausages.

As I said at the beginning if that was the end of the series as a hole it was a funny way to end it all but they gave us that little extra that if, and when they eventually did, get a second season they’d have something instantly to bring you back in on.

The invasion of the snail people.

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