The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 6

This episode actually exploded. So many emotions, so much going on it was probably the best episode so far.

Marcus is incapable of doing anything without upsetting just about everyone he comes into contact with, it isn’t really that surprising that he doesn’t have many friends other then the rather strange Harry Quebert.

I like that to find out what happened to Nola we really do have to get to know her and Marcus isn’t scared to jump straight into the nitty gritty about who she is and what she was doing. Of course this rubs people up the wrong way, she was a teenager that lost her life too soon and it became very obvious that the events leading up to her death were toxic and horrible from before Harry even appeared on the scene.

Chief Pratt openedΒ  can of worms for us when he told us that he received a sexual act from Nola in return for him to not do anything about Tamara Quinn’s findings.

I liked that Gahalowood pointed out that he should have stopped her, it is the strangest thing in the world to think that someone would just sit there and take that. In fact doesn’t that make him a suspect too? If she’d go that far to discredit Pratt and make him a criminal and so far I can’t remember us ever seeing/hearing that Harry and Nola did anything, in fact the one time I can remember anything happening Harry pulled away. Harry thought he was in love with her yet seemingly could stop himself but someone who had no interest in her would take a sexual act off of him without a second care?

She could have ruined Pratt’s entire career if anyone found out and a letter telling the world that Harry was in love with Nola was hardly going to top what Pratt did.

Her memory and Marcus sticking his nose in HAS now ruined Pratt’s life.

In fact no one comes out of this episode looking particularly wonderful.

Harry over reacts to the memory of Nola being tarnished in his opinion, not wanting to believe that she would do the things that Marcus has found out that she has done. Jenny once again lets us know just how bad Luther could be when he was upset, no matter how much Elijah Stern wants everyone to believe he was a good guy it is obvious that he had some problems and then we saw a very dangerous and violent side to Travis who is very in love with Jenny, obviously seeing that he married her, and took out his anger on Luther.

So much happened and I know I’m missing pretty much every tiny detail in the episode other then the bigger pieces of the picture but there was so much to try and figure out and the most important thing I guess we got from this is simple.

There are actually a hell of a lot of people that could have a reason for what they are doing.

Nola wasn’t a innocent little girl, she obviously had a lot of problems and I’m not saying she was a bad person but she did so many things that were just… Dangerous and put her in a bad place.

So many people have things to hide, the entire thing was covered up and that cover up is so very obvious now that it is hard to believe that Harry did do anything because why would the police hide what Harry did? He has no real connections to Pratt or the station, he has no real bond with them so I don’t see why they wouldn’t go straight to him as a suspect and do all of the things they should have before then. They are hiding something and it isn’t something in the benefit of Harry.

In better news the handwriting in the manuscript isn’t Harry’s which means that the case against him is starting to collapse and going forward not only will THAT change the landscape of what is happening but the horrible news that Marcus’ work that he had sent to his publishers has been leaked so Harry will possibly be free but he, and the rest of the world, are going to see everything about Nola being abused, about what she did with Pratt and anything else that Marcus has found out or any questions he’s put forward about her and her motives.

So Harry might be coming out of prison but he ain’t going to be happy and him and Marcus aren’t going to be friends.

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