Still Open All Hours S5E3

I was really disappointed with series 4 and slightly disappointed with the second episode of this series but I am coming to this episode with a open mind even if I can’t turn a blind eye to how much I hate the Leroy story.

So are we being led to believe that this episode showed Granville completely losing his touch?

There was the guy that come in and he tried to sell him a Historical Artifect just for him to call him out and he loses a customer, Kath comes in and basically ignores him and whilst he does get a sale late in the episode the majority of it saw him just not up to much in the store. I mean it started with the till just exploding

It wasn’t a bad episode. I liked the self driving mini, the shoes that came later and the different branches with the women, Eric and Cecil as well as Mr Newbold.

Eric and Cecil have stolen the series so far. Their attempt to become climbers was hilarious, the two of them lowering each other out of the window as well as trying to stick up to Kath was hilarious. I loved them taking photos in front of the picture of the mountains, the two of them really do steal each show.

Again it is spreading out the show and getting further away from Granville and the store with a new location in the cafe showing up.

That might be a good thing if they can’t actually come up with anything good for Granville to do but it also makes you wonder whether they should just stop the series now. I mean with less of the story taking part in the store and very little for the main character to do is there any point in Still Open All Hours?

As for the Leroy stuff it feels like they are trying to back out of the creepy stuff by having Beth act like she’s not actually in a relationship with this person she keeps calling her boyfriend and in fact kept shoving in Leroy’s face last series. Now she’s still “single” and everything is “complicated” meaning she’s a shitty human being trying to talk down to her friend.

I’ll hate it if her boyfriend/not boyfriend turns out to be a dick of some sort because it will feel like the writers added that in just to make it OK for her to be a horrible person. I hope he’s the loveliest person in the world. It really has no place in a comedy show.

Overall it was another meh episode I guess.

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