Zapped : Mr Charisma

So Brian has been sent to Munty where he is stuck with new friends, if you can call him one of their friends, Steg, Barbara, Herman and the crazy wizard Howell.

Can he find his way back to the UK?

Why would he when Munty is so much fun?

I honestly thought this was a second season episode but knowing what the story was I was able to pick up on some small things that just made me love it even more. Things like when Brian took the Charisma potion and Barbara and Steg leave and you can see them looking at him in the hall as well as just every little reaction and action that Herman does in the bar.

For me Herman was a eye opener in this episode because I don’t think I’ve ever realised just how expressive he can be. When he was telling Brian about the rock he brought from Howell the last time the charm potion was brewed and then Brian exclaimed “that’s it” and Herman instantly looked at the rock. It was just such a funny moment that I’m pretty sure I’ve constantly missed on re-watches. Louis Emerick plays him so well and I love how not only does he have these great reactions but like most barmen in fantasy worlds is the fount of wisdom for the lonely traveler/main protag and is ever so helpful all the time to Brian.

What I didn’t like about the episode was the ending.

I didn’t like that side of Brian we saw, whilst I got that he was upset that the plans went wrong and someone had stolen from him I really didn’t like that he accused Barbara and said some really nasty things and his apology was non-existent. Again it wasn’t something I think I really paid much attention too until now, it might have happened off screen but just how cruel he was to her deserved at least a I’m sorry from him on screen.

Plus she was right!

She said she saw a fish in his future and half the story was about Steg being in love with a mermaid, he then stole the Charisma potion from Brian to help in his courting of the mermaid and finally used it to convince her to become human just Howell’s spell went wrong and she ended up a complete fish that everyone ate.

Barbara might have been vague about what the fish was but without a fish part to this story Brian would be home right now. So that is at least one time that Barbara has been right so far in the series!

Loved the Fairies, I’m not a fairy fan to be honest so these brutish types are kind of the only fairies I want to see from now on. Chestnut and Hawthorn are my favourites, the Mitchell brothers of the Fairy world.

One thing I love about the series as well is that you don’t really ever feel like supporting Brian. He’s ungrateful for help he does get, he is dismissive of the people around him and very selfish but you enjoy watching him fail. The things that happen would be sad for anyone else but because he’s such a contemptible little creep its hilarious when he does fail. Plus the fact that someone as wonderful as Barbara wants him to stay even though you don’t want her to end up with someone as vain and materialistic as Brian you kind of want him to hang around to make her happy.

I noticed so much more this time watching this episode that it makes me wonder what else I’ve managed to miss in the series. In ANY series.

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