The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 5

We’ve learnt that sadly there was a lot going on in Nola’s life and she’s suffered greatly but we are still nowhere close to finding out who killed her.

Again it is a episode that asked more questions then it really answered.

We have a new suspect in Luther Caleb and we see movements in the present being made that help Harry out but that start to put pressure on his and Marcus’ relationship. A relationship I don’t see being around by the end of the episode.

The more we learn about Harry and Nola the more toxic it seems, I get that it was never going to be a healthy relationship but Nola was a very hurt young woman who become obsessive with Harry as Harry did with her. I don’t at this point think the feelings Harry thought he had for Nola are really the feelings he had for her but it became clear that whilst he wanted to spend time with her he also began to fear what would happen if he didn’t spend time with her and a lot of their relationships and the stupid things he did came about because he was terrified of what was going to happen if he didn’t give in to her every whim.

At this point fleshing out the time line is the only thing we really get out of Harry’s talks with Marcus. It has always kept what Harry did a question, after all there is no series if there is no reason to doubt Harry as well as wanting to believe he is innocent, but at this point I am more interested in when we go back in the past through other people’s stories. Harry has stopped being the most interesting part of his own story and with the introduction of Luther I am much, MUCH more interested in just about every other story other than Harry’s. We can’t really GET Nola’s story because we have to pick it up from everyone else and everyone seems to have met and talked to a different Nola which makes her even more mysterious then ever before but someone like Luther, who we also can’t talk to, has a much more balanced character in the eyes of those telling his story.

We find out that Luther had been reported to the police for creeping Jenny out after confronting her, sometimes in a less then nice way, about painting her. This adds more questions about Nola and her being painted by him that Marcus needs to answer.

Again overall it was a interesting episode.

We still need to learn about Nola’s mother which I don’t think we’re going to get a straight answer for a while. Is she abusing Nola? Why did the father never do anything? Why has no one actually mentioned meeting/seeing her mother? Why do we never see her mother? When did her mother die?

There is the question about how Nola acts. She’s obviously extremely emotional and fast to do things that are both manipulative and dangerous. Her attempt at suicide could either be a young lady reaching out in the most tragic of ways or a very good way of controlling those around her. I feel horrid for saying it but she’s such a mystery that the fact that Harry dropped the entire fake Jenny thing and even admitted to focusing on Nola because he was terrified she’d try to kill herself again left a horrible thought in my mind that she was smart enough to know what to do, no matter how horrible, to get her own way.

Of course we need to learn so much more about Jenny, Luther and just about everyone else. Secrets are coming out, people are getting angry.

It is starting to get really interesting!


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