Still Open All Hours S5E2

So the first episode gave me a lot of hope that this series was going to return to the ways it started. Did it keep up that promise?


I will go on at length about how bad this story line is but the Leroy thing is starting to be really distracting.

So Beth is in a relationship, Beth has been hounded, stalked and pestered by Leroy and now, NOW she’s having a affair with him? She’s upset when she, someone cheating on someone else, comes face to face with one of his many women?

This whole thing is toxic and it isn’t funny at all. Roy Clarke is extremely misled if he thinks it is. I get that the Leroy dating taken women thing isn’t a new story and whilst it might have been funny in the past that is because he didn’t actively, like a creep, stalk the women to begin with. It also was never the main plot point and never treated like something we should care about.

I do feel like bringing in Beth’s friend is a get out of this sticky mess attempt by the team, it felt obvious that Leroy is probably going to fall in love with her specially as whilst she’s got the boyish thing going on it is obvious she’s drop dead gorgeous under her work clothes and if that isn’t the story they go for and we’re meant to forgive the fact that Leroy has been stalking a woman for two seasons then they’ll do the even more messy and ridiculous story of that friend actually stealing Beth’s boyfriend off of her angle that Leroy wanted in the episode.


It isn’t romantic, it isn’t funny and now watching a character who was meant to have high morals cheating on her boyfriend because of the laughs it’ll cause is horrible.

As for the rest of the episode it was kind of meh to be honest. The entire thing about the guy being abducted was OK and the Manky Beans was hilarious, some of the conversations just worked so well that it was a shame that all I can really remember about the entire episode was the bloody Leroy stuff.

I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am about it and it ruined a otherwise decent episode.

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