Zapped : Mr Weaver

We are going back to the first ever episode of Zapped to relive the wonders of one of Dave’s hidden treasures.

Let us start this journey again.

Reliving the first episode was just as magical as it was the first time around.

I guess the biggest difference is that you look at the characters in a completely different light after having spent more time with them then you had at this point the first time. Whilst Brian Weaver is still a difficult main character to really get behind because he is rather brash and annoying you have grown to love him a little so going back and trying to remember how you first felt about him is difficult.

The world of Munty is so small in this episode and we’re only really just getting to know the characters. Sharon Rooney as Barbara is a highlight of the episode as is Paul Kaye as Howell. They steal the show with their zany characters and perfect comic timing, Howell’s “Where’s my glasses” joke still makes me howl with laughter no matter how many times I hear/see it and I just feel even more sorry for Barbara knowing her story going forward.

It also makes you appreciate the series even more.

With such small sets they are really able to bring us into a fantasy world they want us to know isn’t all beautiful and magical but gritty and dirty like it probably should be. The cast of characters are the most colourful thing in the series, Fairies who look like bouncers, a half dwarf half giant as well as a creepy woman who seems to smash kneecaps for fun.

I enjoyed going back and watching the episode and it is fun to remember that the show is so simple too. So much happens but at the heart of it the story is just about a guy who was transported to another world and is trying to get home, all the adventures happen because of that simple fact and you fall in love with such a wonderful cast and a strange place like Munty so easily.

Honestly I don’t think I appreciated the first episode as much as I should have the first time I watched it. It was a cracker of a episode.


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