The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair : Episode 4

[NOTE FROM ANNA : I apologise that these reviews are now ridiculously late, it was completely my fault for not getting the editing done at all. I’ve simply failed Amanda who did a wonderful job of writing them every week but wasn’t confident enough to post them without me looking over them. I will have them all posted in the next week and once again apologise that I failed Amanda so badly.]

Episode 3 introduced us to a lot of information surrounding the mystery that was Nola the person, I keep saying that I feel like to unlock what happened we need to really get to know Nola and the last episode made me feel like we actually know nothing at all about her even if we thought we did.

It’ll be interesting to find out what else we don’t know about her!

So yes Nola is a giant mystery.

Harry continues to try and hide his feelings for Nola by dating Jenny in the past until he can no longer pretend that he is interested, I don’t get why he never was just honest with Nola in the first place. Her over reaction is one thing but it could have been avoided if Harry had been honest.

Both Nola and Harry are mysteries if I’m honest.

Then again I felt like I was walking in a dream of really stupid people all episode long.

Nola is a kid and I feel bad for her, she’s having problems and it is obvious that we don’t know half the story when it comes to her. Harry and the entire Quinn family are just odd as hell though. As adults they have no reason to be the way they are, Harry could have easily talked to Nola about what was going on, he could have been a adult at any point but he wasn’t. The whole “Harry ruined our reputation” speech was stupid when it turned out that by ruining the Quinn’s reputation all he did was go and visit a girl who had just committed suicide in hospital instead of going to a party and then Tamara announcing that Bob had cancer even though he didn’t… Well that was just them ruining their own reputation.

This entire place seems to be overran with absolute idiots.

It didn’t really get us any closer to finding out what was actually happening.

There was a lot of babbling by Tamara who thinks she understands everything because she was so upset that this famous writer was in love with a child and not her daughter but other then that it didn’t really explain anything very well.

Marcus is still looking at Stern for it all, finding out that he owned the house that Harry was living in, but I feel we are actually getting further away from the truth.

It was a really interesting episode though.

Marcus might be the main character in the present right now but he fades very easily into the background letting other people tell their stories, he doesn’t really put his own bias into it as much as following leads. It is obvious that he doesn’t think Harry did it but he also isn’t as blinkered as just about everyone else.

So what we know this week about Nola?

She’s for sure got something wrong with her. Not in a mean way but her actions are over the top and I feel like there is a lot that we have to learn about her still.

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