Still Open All Hours S5E1

Yes after a horrible series I am still coming back to the warm embrace of Still Open All Hours, the continuation of the classic comedy Open All Hours. I have high hopes it’ll go back to its wonderful best but I’m also ready to be disappointed…

I wasn’t.

The horrible Leroy story line was all but forgotten, the show felt intimate and fun again. Whilst it still had the ladies branch off, the men now branched off with Newbold and only fleeting moments of brilliance in the store it worked for this episode.

Eric, Cecil and Newbold are wonderful together, I really enjoyed their entire interaction about the book and being more strong willed to the women in their lives. I actually stood up and applauded Eric when he went off on Kath because at times she is overly mean to him for little to no reason but it made me laugh when he then admitted that he was terrified to go home as did I fall off the sofa laughing when Newbold tried the new skills on Mrs Featherstone just to have it backfire on him.

Granville trying to sell the glasses had a few laughs and the till/ghost story line was pretty good as well but overall it felt like it didn’t really need it. That is the sad thing though, the show is meant to be about Granville, Leroy and the store but I found the other characters to be much more engaging. I liked the till stuff and loved the ending with Leroy terrifying Granville and Gastric but it also just didn’t need to be there.

A good first impression of the new series, some genuine laugh out loud moments that were missing from last series. Hoping it keeps it up.

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