Doctor Who : The Tsuranga Conundru

The TARDIS Crew are finally a thing, they’ve decided to run off with the Doctor and have adventures.

I’m happy they did and this is their first official TARDIS Crew adventure.

This series has actually been pretty dark and there have been some really sad deaths in it. This episode isn’t any different with two deaths that actually made me cry.

It was another story filled with diverse and interesting guest characters. Obviously, even though he wasn’t there for long, my favourite was Astos. I couldn’t help but really like him and there was something about his chemistry with the Doctor that made it sad their time together was very short. Brett Goldstein is probably my favourite guest cast member so far, he was just so fantastic that I wish he’d go with the Doctor on adventures. That isn’t to say the rest of the cast weren’t great, they were, but I just loved him.

People joke that there has to be that one thing for the toy range and I guess if that is true then the evil little creature, the P’Ting, would be this series thing. Adorable and small but deadly as hell, it caused so much havoc and again like the spiders in the episode before didn’t really mean any harm in general was just looking for food. No one before the Doctor ever bothered to ask what is it that the P’Ting want and when the Doctor asked that question she realised they eat energy and why they are so deadly to humans is that they don’t care about other life forms and when they crash into a ship they eat the energy which kills the other beings on board.

I liked it. It was a very simple story and a lot of fun.

Felt like the entire “Ryan doesn’t accept Graham” thing is starting to get a bit boring, at this point I think a half thought out fist bump would have been better then what we got. It could have opened more doors then Ryan just going no to it. That, again like most of my complaints about last episode, is a tiny little thing that doesn’t really matter.

Again it was crowded.

Not only did they want to tell the story of the P’Ting and how they got the P’Ting off the ship, they wanted the ship itself to be a threat and they wanted to give starring roles to all the guest cast. The Cicero’s squabbling and Eve’s final moments trying to save the ship, them working things out and Durkas having to finish what his sister started. Then you had Yoss and his pregnancy and the fact it was used to make Ryan come to terms with what his father probably went through, getting to talk out everything about how his dad must have felt and how he feels and helping Yoss decide that he should try and raise his kid.

For a start it became messy once more, we’re in the middle of this crisis and characters are still able to have normal bog standard conversations.

I’m also not sure whether or not I like where the Ryan stuff is going. Sometimes, just sometimes, parents are shitty because they are shitty. Even if they aren’t old enough or ready for things it isn’t always a good enough excuse. As someone who had shitty parents I do know I need to wait and see where it goes but I don’t like the way it went a little bit. Ryan kind of blaming himself, Ryan kind of in a way forgiving his dad because he “understands” but I guess it is something we’ll have to wait and see.

Overall though again I really enjoyed it. One of my favourite episodes and I loved the P’Ting and Astos. I just wish the stories would focus a tiny bit more because whilst I get that they want to make it more human and personal but at the same time sometimes when they go off on that line of thought they kill the tension in the actual story. The series I think has a better balance of story telling and character moments then pretty much all the series before it in this era but I also kind of feel on a episode by episode basis it isn’t the best. So far excluding the first episode which is obviously a “here is all your new people” thing the only one that has had a perfect balance has been Rosa.

It isn’t the worst thing but I think that I love the stories so much that if I don’t find something to talk about the reviews are just gonna be “this person was fantastic, this person was brilliant, this story thing was amazing and over all I loved it all.” These things are only tiny little things that in the general scheme of things mean absolutely nothing and I only really notice because I watch the episode a second time around before I actually review it so on first viewing they aren’t even noticeable.

I really can’t wait for next weeks episode though, looks like another historic one and I LOVE Historic episodes.

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