Inu x Boku SS : Kagero

Episode 11

“Kagerō” (陽炎)

We learn about Soshi, I don’t think there is much we need to learn about Kagero he seems to just be a pain in the ass but Soshi. Soshi is something else.

So I don’t get it.

I mean I get that Soshi was abused in a way and then used his cunning to create a character that went out of his way to make people happy to get out of his prison and all that. He then started to write to Ririchiyo and he acts like he didn’t feel anything but slowly he realised that he did feel something and that is how Soshi was saved by Ririchiyo.

I just don’t get it.

I don’t get how any of it worked. Is this really what love would be? She just kind of wrote normal shit to him and he replied to her as a fake Kagero which was just really him. It was never a character. He hadn’t been changed as he kept going on about he just stopped for a moment and was able to be himself instead of trying to escape.

Then again he makes it sound like he based his “personality” on her. He was disappointed to think she wasn’t like him and the whole character he created and seemed to keep was based off of her.

So he thanks her for saving him but he just kind of became a slave to her instead. Plus he fell in love with someone 7 years younger then him.

I hated the episode. It confused me and I hated it. I just didn’t get whatever it was they were trying to get across.

I guess Kagero is out of the picture so that’s a good thing?


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