Madoka Magica : My Very Best Friend [END]

Episode 12

Watashi no, Saikō no Tomodachi” (わたしの、最高の友達)

We made it to the very end.

Madoka and Homura are the only two Magical Girls left standing. Madoka now knows just what Homura has faced and Homura has given up on everything.

Kyubey has won?

No one? Probably Madoka but it is a bittersweet ending to be honest.

I can’t say how much I love the animation on this series and Madoka’s comet like Soul Gem engulfing the world was just the pinnacle. I mean I think Sayaka’s was the most amazing and Walpurgisnacht was awesome but Madoka’s just captured just how wonderful it is.

It was pretty much the perfect ending though. I thought that Madoka’s wish could have been better but I think in the end at least in this time line we had to have the ending we had because no matter what it was she wished for her Soul Gem would still have been massive because her wish was basically to redo the work of Kyubey and his kind meaning there HAD to be something that happened. You were never going to get a happy ending really so it was always going to be Madoka sacrificing herself for the world.

Was it the ending I’d have liked to see?

I dunno if I’m honest.

Homura was never the character I cared a whole deal about and because she’s been so cold and reserved through out the entire series that her being the last girl standing and this version of Madoka caring that much about her just.

OK I guess my problem is that Madoka is so nice and so pure that my jaded heart needs to get over the fact that she had the empathy to feel how much everything had hurt Homura up to this point and wanted to comfort her as Homura’s final wish, kind of, is granted and Madoka is safe. Whilst I get that this is how we’re meant to look at it I just kind of sat there and was like “why Homura though? Who fucking cares about Homura?”

Well obviously Madoka who cared about everyone and everything.

The second half of all that just kind of didn’t matter to me much. The Sayaka stuff, Homura, Kyoko and Mami… All that stuff.

Whilst the ending was really good at the same time the ending was really not my thing. It didn’t ruin anything but the last three episodes just kind of bored the hell out of me.

I dunno I enjoyed it. I guess I’ll have to think of how I feel properly for the Final Thoughts blog.

Still it is over.

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