Madoka Magica : The Only Thing I Have Left to Guide Me

Episode 11

Saigo ni Nokotta Michishirube” (最後に残った道しるべ)

So we now know the story of Homura and we’re down to the last two episodes. What is going to happen next?

I mean what to say about this episode?

Kyubey tells Homura that the reason that Madoka is going to be so powerful and end up a powerful Witch is down to the fact that Homura traveled back so much she MADE her so important in the universe which is a concept that I can understand and think is a good one. It isn’t anything new and makes it even more distressing really.

He then goes and tells Madoka the history of Magical Girls and how his species are the only reason that humanity evolved. This again just puts more stress on Madoka who has just had to bury her friend.

Madoka’s mum then appears, yeah her mum who had so much potential but is never actually really seen and therefore her finally deciding that actually she cares about her daughter and the horrible shit happening around her doesn’t really make a impact on the episode at all. It is just filling so that you worry Madoka won’t make it to Homura in time.

Walpurgisnacht is there and the animation for that is cool, Homura has given up hope and realises that going back any more will just make Madoka more powerful when the inevitable happens.

Then Madoka shows up and announces that she’s going to become a Magical Girl anyway.

So that is what happened and it kind of felt like… I don’t care?

I hate to say that after last episode because I felt like I might not have cared because they annoyed me with the time travel stuff but to be honest… It wasn’t so much I don’t care but it just wasn’t that important.

Kyubey’s two big speeches could have been given at any point and could have been much shorter, there was a lot of him talking and most of what he said is common sense plus the history of the Magical Girls… Well who cares? Honestly are we meant to believe him? It could have been cool if it hadn’t come at the end of everything and just felt like another reason that Madoka WOULDN’T do as he wants.

As I said Madoka’s mum was pretty cool but she disappeared and hasn’t been seen for the majority of the series so why would I care that at this moment she’s decided that she needs to look after Madoka? Like everything going on and she only just cares? More importantly why should we the audience care when this is a side character that if you watched the show weekly you might have forgotten was a character we were even introduced too. So many back ground characters seemed so important but where just THERE and had nothing to do with anything that this revelation that her mum is feeling guilty isn’t that important right now. It broke the flow of the episode.

I feel it built up and up to this dramatic climax and then we got…

A lot of information we could have got earlier, a lot of things spelt out to us that we could have guessed and Madoka’s mum who we don’t care about.

I’m sure that the finale will be brilliant but this just wasn’t.

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