That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : In the Kingdom of the Dwarves

Episode 4

Dowāfu no Ōkoku nite” (ドワーフの王国にて)

Rimuru is excited that he gets to go and visit the dwarfs to help his Goblin village in the quest for Shelter and Clothes. I’m excited to see what the dwarfs of this series look and act like as I love dwarfs.

Again the episode had its good moments and its bad moments.

90% of the episode was good and then it went back to Rimuru being a nerdy virgin who fantasied about elves and then got squished in their breasts. Doesn’t do it for me, ruins the episode a little, but it was only that one thing. I was hoping that all the fantasizing would lead to the elves actually being ugly in this universe, for me a slightly better end to that whole story.

Regardless the actual episode was pretty good.

I think it was always going to be hard to be a really good episode, like the first three had some interesting new characters and concepts and it was fun. For half of this episode we were spending time with those characters just travelling, there wasn’t really anything more to it then them travelling and us getting some narration from Rimuru. It was nice that we also got to hear from Tempest about why he and his pack have pledged loyalty to the person who killed his father but there wasn’t really anything else too it.

When we got to the city we couldn’t really explore it, I think the way the anime got them in the city and to a blacksmith is probably the best way. Rimuru would need something to get him in with someone because they didn’t exactly have a big pool of resources and if he had just emptied out what he got from the cave then he’d become a target for people who heard about it. Having him arrested and then helping out until he got what he needed was sensible but also a tad boring. He’s becoming the answer to any problem and I get that he’s meant to be the OP character that bores you a little but everyone dreams of but it just fell flat in this episode.

That might be a problem going forward as well.

We know that he turns into a human form because of the opening credits so at some point he’s going to be fighting and he now knows how to just copy the design of a super powered weapon and he’s friends with a dwarf who can make really cool stuff. Even if he doesn’t actually go in that direction if the time comes that he needs weapons there will be no drama in how he gets these things because we know he knows a really skilled blacksmith who is in a lot of ways indebted to him for life.

Whilst anime’s like One Punch Man have proved you can have interesting shows based on OP characters this is the first episode in this series that suffered because Rimuru is so powerful. He has over powered the wolves, he himself is basically untouchable and now he’s found one of the best blacksmiths. There were a few funny moments, there were some interesting moments but there was no drama and when they tried to build drama at the end you just went back to thinking “but he can transform into whatever he wants or spit out that sword and use it so who really believes he’s in trouble?”

It lost a little of its shine but I’m sure it’ll come back.

I think one thing that anime does well is its interactions with the characters and whilst there was a lot of interacting in this episode it wasn’t the kind that makes interesting TV. Rimuru wanted something and he had to barter to get it instead of really interacting with the characters like he did with the Goblins. I feel like now they are all friends whatever comes next will be more interesting but for this episode it felt a little tedious to watch in places but overall was alright.

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