Madoka Magica : I Won’t Rely on Anyone Anymore

Episode 10

Mō Dare ni mo Tayoranai” (もう誰にも頼らない)

There is no hope in the world anymore and the title sounds very much like a Homura line so I’m guessing we’ll get to know Homura a little better.

So the many, many times that Homura tried to save Madoka are shown and we get a understanding to everything.

Turns out originally she was a transfer student who was befriended by Madoka and Mami who tried together to face Walpurgisnacht and failed. She made her contract with Kyubey to go back in time and be able to protect Madoka the way that Madoka protected her. Time and time again Homura went back and couldn’t change things but this is where it lost me.


Time travel doesn’t work like this. Or it shouldn’t. Homura’s original reality showed Madoka already a Magical Girl with Mami. Right until the last reality where Homura gets her guns Sayaka isn’t anywhere to be seen, in that time line Sayaka IS around and she is the one that doesn’t believe in Homura. In each and every one of those realities Madoka is already a Magical Girl when Homura leaves hospital just… If she wakes up the same time all the time then by the time that Homura got to Madoka in this reality she would already be a Magical Girl.

So whilst it kind of then made sense to me a little bit it still doesn’t make much sense.

I mean the kindness and strength of Homura, which isn’t much to begin with because she was very timid, is beaten from her as no matter what she does the same things happen time and time again. She tried fighting with Madoka, she tried telling them… She literally tried everything and ends up at the end of everything with Kyubey bragging about it all.

Time travel is a bitch that just never makes much sense in stories.

With that in mind I guess I have to hand wave the time travel aspect away a little bit and just look at what the story was trying to tell me which is actually a horribly sad story that still didn’t make a bit of sense.

Then again it is what I said it was really isn’t it?

A vicious circle of Homura never getting it right ending with her completely cold to the world. When she’s seen the one person she cares about die in a million different ways, promised her that she wouldn’t let her turn into a Witch and then watched as she turned into the most powerful Witch and was on her way to destroy the planet within 10 days I get that right now she’s cold and depressed. You kind of want to shake her and scream a little bit in her face if I’m honest because she’s not really making anything better.

There have been points, maybe exactly when Sayaka turned into a Witch with Madoka not being a Magical Girl and Mami, who freaked out in one reality when Sayaka turned and she realised she could turn, that she could have told the truth and it would have been taken better then the original time she told everyone what was happening. Kyoko would have been open to hearing what she had to say the entire time. She has time powers and that is easy to prove to someone like Mami who would then maybe be more open to talking to her. Sayaka I don’t think she’d ever have gotten through too but that was a problem she needed to handle a lot better too.

Thing is time travel doesn’t work like this.

The variables don’t change the way they changed in this episode so she would have always been working with  the same format. It was ever changing to be honest in this one and Homura herself being a Magical Girl would not have changed anything else about this entire thing.

So of course with a broken time travel thing going on Homura is going to approach it wrong. It isn’t even to do with being young or anything like that but if the story can’t even get a decent handle on time travel, and you can re-read anything I wrote about Erased to see how pissed off I get about time travel 90% of the time, then you aren’t going to be consistent or make sense talking about the time traveler herself.

THIS is the point where I both understand and am willing to overlook the most important story point we have. It is also where I call bullshit on the entire thing and say it was bad story telling.

Of course that is coming from someone who watches too much about time travel and gets too upset about it. For me the story telling is now terrible because it was a bad plot point that they rely on us not really understanding to make a terrible character based story thing that just doesn’t work when you unravel the time travel.

Still. I like Homura. I feel sorry for her.

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