Lucha Underground S4E18 : Spiders and Skeletons

Well the opening seems to see we’ll see some of World Wide Underground back which is a welcome return if they do because I miss them! Episode 18 is here.


So Taya is back and pissed as you would guess. She calls out Antonio and… Calls out his son. Have to give it to Taya that she has balls, real balls.

She got her wish too.

Winner : Matanza Cueto

Taya kicked his fucking ass. Taya is amazing. She’s brilliant but obviously you can’t bet against the monster and to be honest when it looked like he might just have got the better of Taya thankfully Johnny Mundo comes out and finishes the job.

It was a great match and set up for Johnny to probably be the person to take down the monster in the future.

Great opening match and great to see Taya look amazing.

Winners : Fenix & Mil Muertes

If this match doesn’t make you super excited for the two Ultima Lucha matches they have in it then I don’t know what will.

That firey, fast paced action between Fenix and Dragon, having to figure out if Dragon can find whatever it takes to take it to Fenix who right now just doesn’t care what he does to whom. Then that horror show that will be a death match between Mil and Mack with Mil being so much more slow and focused on just being nasty and Mack proving that he can do just about anything in the ring if he wants to do it.

This match was one fire from the beginning to the end.

Mack and Dragon’s double teaming was on point, beauty to watch and makes me want to see them as a duo more often, Dragon’s DDT flying thing he did whilst Matt Striker was telling us he was slightly slower then Fenix was AMAZING and I think Dragon was my man of the match.

Honestly if there is one match you want to watch then you want to watch this one. FANTASTIC.

Evil twins win via double pin fall, it was amazing and then the head to head thing at the end of the match was great. I actually love Fenix and Muertes together too. Love it. Love it all. So in love right now. Best match.


These two make me laugh so much, I love them completely. Famous B just wanted to let us all know that he was coming out of retirement after rehabbing his leg better then anyone.

Really I love the way he says his name it just makes me laugh so much.

Winner : Ricky Mundo

So after we learnt that Famous B was back from retirement Ricky came down and announced that he should beat him up and that is what he did.

It wasn’t nice to watch and Famous B didn’t get much fight in he was just brutalized by Ricky.

I like that we’re now getting to see where the Ricky Mundo stuff is going instead of just having him being a little bitch to World Wide Underground. After the match he calls them cowards and admits that he was the one that unleashed the beast at their wedding.

He challenges Taya at Ultima Lucha then attacks Brenda.

I get it but it also kind of makes Ricky look really weak that he’d go after Taya and not PJ. I know earlier we got the news that Johnny Mundo will be against Matanza but it just seemed… Weak.

Love Ricky though.

Winner : Pentagon Dark

Now let me clear something up before I go on. I wasn’t sold on Reklusa as a manager because the match last episode seemed all about reminding us she was at ring side and that she’s there in some weird manner with Marty. It wasn’t needed.

Reklusa herself as a wrestler is fantastic and I loved she was in charge in the opening of the match and that she was as dark and horrible as Pentagon can be with things like the fingers in the eyes.

It turned nasty fast as you’d expect and Reklusa took the beating and gave as good as she got. Great match and a brilliant debut match for Reklusa who even kicked out of the package piledriver once and looked close to winning the match.

Afterwards Pentagon goes to break her arm, doesn’t, brings out the thumbtacks just for Marty to make the save and beat him with a barbed wire baseball bat before going to set him on fire… He doesn’t but this is all to build up just how bloody and horrible their match at Ultima Lucha is going to be.

I love it.

I loved a lot about this episode to be honest but it was brilliant. Great episode.

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