Inu x Boku SS : The Unfaithful Demon Fox

Episode 10

“Uragiri no Yōko” (裏切りの妖狐)

There is a coffee date, Kagero is back and the title of the episode makes you feel like Soshi is going to show a different side to himself.

Life hey?

Kagero causing havoc isn’t a surprise really.

I feel like I’ve been rambling a lot in the last few posts and I’m sure that its just my first time trying to review something that isn’t really action packed with lots of things to dissect.

Maybe its because after the first half of the season its slowly coming down to just being about Ririchiyo trying to get with Soshi and no matter what comes next in their relationship I just think its a ridiculous story point, in fact it was the only one I didn’t like. I didn’t mind it when she was more looking for him and her to be friends but now I just kind of tune out the majority of their story and look at the funny bits.

This episode though was really the prologue to learning about Soshi, with Kagero back he causes a rift between the two that we haven’t seen before but it also means we get to lead up to actually learn about Soshi.

Its heavily hinted by the amount of times she goes on about it as well as the personality of Kagero and how important the letters “he” sent to her were that it wasn’t him that actually wrote them and I can only begin to believe that it was Soshi that wrote them. In a way it makes their relationship a little less annoying but also manages to be way too soppy for me.

Was weird seeing a different side to Soshi but it also makes it more weird that he has this obsession with Ririchiyo and is willing to fight Kagero for whatever it is that he wants kept secret. In fact there is a 7 year difference between their ages so he would have always been a teenager writing to a child, became obsessive with her and then without her knowing that it was his words that had meant so much to her as a child formed her opinion on their relationship by basically being obsessive with her. Its really creepy when I figured out their ages and if the letters are written by him then it just is pretty creepy all over.

It kind of helps that this whole thing is now intertwined with a true pervert.


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