Goblin Slayer : Unexpected Visitors

Episode 3

Omoigakenai raikyaku” (思いがけない来客)

I didn’t really like the second episode I guess, it was a bit boring and very heavy on dialogue. Not that it is a bad thing but it made the episode drag and whilst it was interesting information that fleshed out the Goblin Slayer at the same time it took away from just about everything else in the show and made you wonder if they actually had a story to tell in the first place.

Better episode then the second one. I liked the additional characters, the squabbling and the change of dynamic. There wasn’t anything even slightly horrible in this episode, much more light hearted with three new fun characters.

It had a bit more of a story to this episode and having more people interacting with the Goblin Slayer and making him open up even the tiny bit that he has is a interesting way for the series to go. I don’t know if we’ll see more of them after this quest is up or if it’ll go back to just him and the Priestess but I liked that he opened up and we got some really good moments in the episode.

We also have a lot of information on what is going on in the world.

It does seem like his inability to see past the Goblins is going to be a focus point. We’ve now learnt that there is a Demon King who is slowly rising up, obviously Goblin Slayer is only interested in the high goblin count but it could lead to him being forced to look past his own trauma and looking at the good for the general public.

That being said I’m also pretty sure that his childhood friend is going to be kidnapped, probably by goblins, and it’ll just cement his need to fight them. Though I guess it would be interesting if it wasn’t a goblin that kidnapped her and he had to open his eyes to the threats all around him that way. No matter what I’m pretty sure that she’s going to be in trouble soon.

Other then that there isn’t much to say about the episode.

I liked the Elf, Dwarf and Lizard man all well enough. The Elf and Dwarf dynamic was very Lord of the Rings as was the entire meeting of the races thing. In fact this is starting to feel more like a Lord of the Rings fan fiction then anything else. Just replace hobbits with one large lizard and you have the Fellowship already. I guess the goblins were never as nasty in LotR as they are in this but still. Poetic license I guess.

The next episode should be a good one, I mean it could go either way to be honest.

With the first episode there was a lot of action but the next two episodes have been much slower paced and focused on world and character building over anything else. The next episode could either be action packed as we see Goblin Slayer and his Fellowship destroy the goblin nest they’ve arrived at or else it could go much like episode 2 and have it done in small flashes with much more talking.

Again I guess my problem with this is that even though I’m enjoying it at the same time it is becoming boring. The actual story we’re meant to be following isn’t obvious. Yeah sure some adventure stories don’t really have a defined story and is more about the action and drama but neither this episode or the last had much action in them and were very story driven. Just it is the story of HOW the Goblin Slayer became the Goblin Slayer and it doesn’t really give hints on what is happening next. It isn’t even that I don’t like mystery it just feels like it is treading water, it isn’t even giving me a reason to care what happens next.

I like the style, I like the characters and the world it is set in is pretty awesome. Plus I have to admit I’m curious where it’ll go the longer we watch, I mean it started with goblin rape so who knows what else could happen?

Goblin Slayer isn’t the easiest character to follow though and whilst I love his interactions with the Priestess and I want to see what they end up doing at the same time I don’t care either.

There is only so long that I can feel like that before I want to give up.

I hope it changes soon.


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