Zombie Land Saga : DEAD OR ALIVE SAGA

Episode 3

We’ve had death metal, we’ve had hip hop and in this episode it looks like we’ll finally settle for just generic Idol Music…

Does it work?

I loved the first two episodes for their uniqueness and differences and I like episode three for much the same reasons. With Karandi’s comments on her feelings for episode 2 and 3 in mind though I went into episode 3 really actually looking at, in three episodes, what our journey has really been.

Personally I went into this thinking that it was just going to be a Idol thing, after episode 2 was named I โค HIP HOP I just imagined it’ll be a series of crazy adventures with zombies and different types of music, I didn’t put too much more thought into it but when you look at episode 1 it is presented so differently from the next two episodes that it is easy to see why people might not be taking to it as much as they might have.

For a start this episode was OK. It went further into developing the individual characters but some moments didn’t really hit the mark.

Yugiri slapping Sakura and taking her thoughts out of her mouth was probably meant to either be a comedy thing, which came out of the blue because Yugiri to that point hadn’t been that kind of character, or meant to be Yugiri seeing that more then just a beat up Sakura was needed to snap the others out of their “funk” as they put it. Whichever one it was meant to be was never made clear and it left the scene a bit on the dull side.

Also having Junko and Ai have pretty much the same story line isn’t really working for me, they need each other to be one decent character but having both of them basically doing the same thing is tiring. Out of all of them these two just don’t have a character other then Idols who don’t think this will work and Ai especially just isn’t needed.

Everything else is a bit of a mess but a mess that makes itself funny. The naming of the band for instance I think just about hit the mark because it allowed for all the different personalities to shine, Tae is still my favourite because she’s so random and is now really the only thing tying the series, a series with a dog named after the KING of zombies, to any kind of horror/zombie motif.

Overall it was a decent episode, I liked the concert and I got what it was trying to do.

In the long run maybe this is the episode that tells us just what the tone and story of this series is really going to be?

I think I was enamored with the series after the first episode because I love zombies and they did zombie really well. I like weird zombie too, one of my favourite zombie films is called Deadheads where zombies can talk and they have a brain dead zombie called cheese that follows them around, so zombie Idols was something I kinda liked the idea for. I also loved that they put the death metal into it and it seemed to really hit a tone that I personally would love.

When episode 2 shifted a bit I thought to myself that it would be fine. Exploring different genres of music whilst getting to know different members of the group seemed interesting enough.

We’ve settled I think to what we’ll get though, with the group having a leader and them choosing their own name the randomness that Kotaro brought is going to be dialed back and the horror/zombie vibe is all but gone. Sure they are still zombies but it is too Monster High for it to hit the same tone as the first episode any more. You can have cute, you can have funny and you can mix it with a horror-esque vibe but they’ve really 180’d the entire thing from horror to a generic Idol show with the cast facing problems due to being dead and spending their alone time looking like cute little zombies.

For me personally I don’t think it is a problem because, hey, it is now a cute little Idol program but I get that if they don’t change it up or at least bring something else to the table, to be honest, it might even get stale for me. As a concept this was different and shouldn’t be able to get stale in a small period of time, the fact that people are already on the fence about it, and slowly choosing the wrong side of said fence, says it all.

I think by the end of the series if you watch the first and last episode back to back it’ll be like watching two different shows and that is a major problem. You can’t really hook people with one interesting style, concept, theme and tone then change it IN THREE EPISODES and expect that those same people will be interested or that others who didn’t like episode 1 but the rest of the series might be more their thing will watch it.

As I said though for me I thought this was the weakest of the episodes so far because there are too many personalities trying to bubble to the top and instead of focusing on one or two they are forcing it and missing important moments and just not developing anything with some of them but I still enjoyed it and when it was funny, like the Policeman showing up again and Kotaru freaking out, it was laugh out loud funny. Sadly though I think to enjoy it you need to wipe away all your hopes and expectations and just look at it as a up and down adventure that doesn’t really know what it is either.


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