That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime : Battle at the Goblin Village

Episode 3

“Goburin mura de notatakai” (ゴブリン村での戦い)

Really enjoying this show so far, it has everything that I love about just about anything in life. Video Game world, cute main character, fun side characters and a great little story ongoing.

Can Rimuru save the Goblins from the Direwolves?

What will we learn about this new world in this episode?

We’ll find out I guess!

I guess we shouldn’t have expected a difficult fight for the first kind of raid that we see happening and for what it was I really enjoyed it. We got that the Goblins were much weaker monsters then the Direwolves and even though it seemed easy to beat the Direwolves we actually saw that Rimuru was able to outsmart them and then intimidate them after killing the leader over the Goblins bravely beating them in a bloody war.

All this episode did was really cement Rimuru as a decent guy, he brought the two sides together after the battle, if you can really call it a battle, and accidentally evolved them all by naming them. He saved the village AND united two enemies to make a stronger group whilst at the same time making them a peaceful village that hopefully will be able to grow in the world. My only worry is that the rules will be their downfall and without instructions on defending themselves if attacked the village could be in trouble of dying out the first time a human raid party arrives.

Again the episode did a lot of world building. The whole giving monsters names evolves them thing as well as learning more about the Goblins and Wolves was really interesting.

I like that they give importance to names in this, I don’t know why but I’ve always felt like it is a important thing. I know it is a gaming thing too, if a bad guy is named then they are usually much higher ranked then just a random Solider #1 type situation but it is something that could have been forgotten about or just not added but which really played a big part in the episode as well as being a hilarious moment when Rimuru wakes up three days after running out of magical powers and finds that all the Goblins have upgraded themselves.

It is a easy way into the series I guess. We have seen Rimuru grow going through his first dungeon and being able to absorb so many different, and very powerful, attacks. Now we’ve seen him fly through a few different tasks, we’ve seen that there is a limit to how much power he can use and we’ve seen what kind of player I guess he is. He’s using his abilities for the betterment of those he comes into contact with and whilst we go back to some of the pervy silly things that the character has exhibited from the first episode he still is overall just a really sweet character.

Loved how excited he got knowing he was going to meet Dwarves, I like that we’re still sticking with this village and that he’s going to at least make sure that they are well off before he leaves. It’ll be interesting to see how he leaves or when he even leaves to be honest because there is so much still to do in the village and he seems to be a completionist and wanting to make sure he leaves them in the best way possible.

Absolutely love the series so far. Just gets better all the time.

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