Madoka Magica : I’d Never Allow That to Happen

Episode 9

Sonna no, Atashi ga Yurusanai” (そんなの、あたしが許さない)

Poor, poor Sayaka. A victim of Kyubey.

I’d like to think there is a way to help her but I’m sure there isn’t and if there is then it’ll be a poorer world for it.

What I mean by that is that to be honest if there is a way that she can come back it’ll probably end up with Madoka having to become a Magical Girl which is what Kyubey wants which is bad.

He’s a bit of a Thanos isn’t he that Kyubey?

The excuse for what he does is to save the world, human’s “sacrificing” themselves and their essence for the betterment of the universe.

Madoka finally, hopefully, gets the message that Homura is badly trying to get across to her that it is way too dangerous to be a Magical Girl and the fact that Kyubey is openly telling her he wants her to be the most powerful Magical Girl so she can become the most powerful Witch will keep her away from being one.

So this episode away from the exposition on what Kyubey is up too?

Heart breaking as always.

Kyoko who was such a bitch coming into this series puts her life on the line to try and bring Sayaka back, thinking that maybe just reminding Sayaka that she was human and that she had friends might bring her back. Unfortunately all it does is get her killed and completely destroys what was left of Sayaka. At the same time she puts her and Homura’s plans to beat Walpurgisnacht to bed as now Homura is the only Magical Girl there.

Right so lets put this all into perspective because I think the above was a little rambled.

This episode we find out the truth about Kyubey, we also find out about Walpurgisnacht which is the most powerful Witch and the reason that Homura and Kyoko came together in the first place. Kyoko shows her humanity by reaching out to Madoka and trying to save Sayaka, unfortunately that was never going to happen and like so much of this series Homura is too late and not trusted in the first place so ends up coming to save Madoka but can’t help anyone else. Kyubey is happy because with Kyoko gone he thinks he can get Madoka to make a contract with him BECAUSE of Walpurgisnacht and with only a handful of episodes left everything is up in the air.

As I said you’d think that Madoka would be smart enough NOT to make this contract but at the same time we’ve seen how poorly Homura has really handled the entire thing, in the last review I went on about how I understand why that came about so I won’t repeat myself, and she handled Sayaka turning into a Witch even worse so at this point she’s just coming across as a dick whilst everyone else has died heroic deaths as well as Sayaka’s death feeling very much like it could be down to Madoka…

Or I mean to Madoka it would feel that way. Think about the last conversation they had and everything leading up to it, what Madoka says about how she feels like the weak one always needing people to protect her, and there you have it. For Madoka right now she’ll feel like Mami and Kyoko died because of her and Sayaka wouldn’t have suffered so much if it wasn’t for her. Three deaths that someone as wet and innocent as Madoka will feel responsible for. Kyubey has shown he is a master of manipulation and as Homura has no bedside manners, no empathy or any kind of way to speak to someone grieving then Madoka is going to be left with a hole being filled with the notion that she, and only she, can make this all better and save the world if she does what Kyubey, someone who IS always open with her even if he has to be forced to do so, tells her to do.


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