Lucha underground S4E17 : The Moth and The Butterfly

Sorry it is late but whilst I had a week off it also ended up being a rather depressing and busy week off hence nothing being done. So we are back with two episodes of Lucha Underground today.


So we open with Aerostar telling Melissa that Catrina has infected Fenix and that he is Evil and can’t be changed, Melissa seems determined to help Fenix and I can’t wait to see what they do with him next if he can’t be changed back. I don’t want anything horrible to happen to Melissa though.

Winners : The Rabbit Tribe

The White Rabbit takes complete control of the Rabbit Tribe, they get the upper hand by surrounding the ring before the match and attacking from behind when everyone was distracted by the White Rabbit. I liked that it wasn’t just a stare down like we’ve seen before but the White Rabbit just gives no fucks and got straight in the ring to stare down Ive.

Some good team work by the Rabbits with the White Rabbit never actually getting in the ring. Ive vs Paul London was pretty fun, El Bunny was as you’d guess extremely fast and it was a interesting match up until Joey Ryan got tagged in.

We’d been told that it was Joey that had been marked so when he finally tagged in so did the White Rabbit who wasn’t fazed by a single thing that Joey did before knocking Joey down, pulling out a white glove and putting in a Mandible Claw. When he finally pulled the glove out it was covered in blood.

Strange first match for the new Rabbits, weird introduction to THE White Rabbit and a decent win for them.

Winner : Son of Havoc

What do you even say about this match?

It has been the most consistent and well developed story of this season, from Aztec Warfare where Antonio just made Son of Havoc a part of the Trio’s championship to the last time they were in the building and Son of Havoc took Killshot’s mask it has been non-stop and brilliant. Killshot trying his hardest to be the best, putting even his own team mate that he liked under the bus if it meant for progression for himself and finally costing his team their belts to prove a point about how useless Son of Havoc is.

The match was everything you wanted, it was fast and impressive but dripping in the hatred the two feel for each other right now. It ended with a roll up win for Son of Havoc which I think is perfect for this rivalry because it would again piss of Killshot that he had the momentum, he was slowly taking apart Son of Havoc and then suddenly a reversal into such a simple move lost him the match.

Vampiro said it best when he said his problem was not going for the kill.

After the match you see that the rivalry isn’t over when Killshot attacks Son of Havoc and then demasks him himself. Obviously the way to end all this is going to be a Mask vs Mask match at Ultima Lucha thanks to Antonio. Can not wait.

Kind of hope that Son of Havoc loses his because he’s so pretty under the mask because unlike Killshot he wasn’t really able to hide his face whilst lying on the ground listening to Antonio.


Loving the cape on Marty.

Also it was such a good promo by Marty, he introduced us to Reclusa who he apparently sent to take out Sexy Starr and they had her mask, he then moved onto Pentagon telling him that he was the second person to humiliate him and he sorted him out but there is still a person left and that is obviously Mariposa not Melissa.

What I really loved is that Marty just ignored the crowd who were basically chanting for Pentagon the entire time and drowning him out. It was creepy and fun and I can not explain how good he was, Marty seriously deserves the world. He is fantastic.

Winner : Marty Martinez

It started off very one sided with Marty getting the upper hand and using the commentators table to bloody up the Mariposa, it wasn’t a very nice thing to watch but showed off his mean streak now that he seemingly has focused on that. I like that we keep being told that he seems to be using his opponents move set against them, seeing this new Marty was great.

Mariposa did get some good moves in, I loved her burying him in chairs on the outside, it never really felt like she was a threat though and whilst the match was great it lacked the drama it probably should have had.

Reclusa doesn’t do it for me. I like that Marty has added to his arsenal having that threat at ringside but it was too much. The camera kept cutting to her basically humping the ring, I just didn’t really care. It seemed pointless to me and was too in our faces. Yeah I’m sure they’ll make a great duo but at times it felt the match was more so we can see her acting weird at ring side then see this new, focused and dangerous Marty.

After the match Marty announces he wants a Cero Meido match against Pentagon at Ultima Lucha and Pentagon promised to break his arm and make him regret it.

Not looking forward to that match, would have liked their rematch to be sooner and Ultima Lucha to be something different but we’ll see. We’ll. See.

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