Goblin Slayer : Goblin Slayer

Episode 2

Saki o korosu mono” (小鬼を殺す者)

I see why the first episode was so talked about, I kind of hope the rest of the season keeps up the intense tone of the first episode.

A different episode I guess. We learnt a bunch about the Goblin Slayer himself, why he is a Goblin Slayer, what others think of him and was introduced to a childhood friend of his that he still lives with and protects.

It was obvious from the start that his backstory was going to simply be that his village had been attacked by goblins, he at least see’s that he has a problem due to the trauma and that whilst he won’t stop exterminating the goblins, because he doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to others, that he isn’t the healthiest of people.

While I guess we needed a calmer episode and it is nice that we’ve got the backstory of the main character out of the way it never felt like it really hit any kind of high in the episode. It plodded along at a slow pace and I have to admit whilst it was interesting to listen to his story and I liked that we got a lot of information on how he hunts and why he does what he does it was a voice over and what it was over was a rather bland cut scene of him attacking goblins in the dark with some flashbacks to the first episode, cuts to his childhood friend and the girl in the guild and it wasn’t anything that really made you want to keep your attention on the TV.

Which is obviously terrible when you are watching a sub of anything and need to read it.

It was boring and I had to watch it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything because my attention wanted to wander.

There are plenty of things in the show that I’m still interested in. The relationship between the Goblin Slayer and Priestess is interesting, she’s trying to bring him to his senses and think of the bigger picture instead of just doing whatever he can to kill goblins, whether or not he can return to a normal place in his own mind is another interesting plot point. His friend isn’t giving up on him but her uncle has and that could be a interesting dynamic going forward. Whilst the action can still be awesome if actually going out and fighting isn’t going to be a big thing, it was all done in boring cut scenes here, then they’ll need to add more to it then just him being the Goblin Slayer. It looks like we’ll get something a little different in the next episode as a Elf shows up after the end credits and hears a song about him before being told how to find him and muttering the name Orcbolg.

I’m happy that it didn’t have such horrific scenes as the first episode. Now I liked it in the first episode but this is why it was good that its tone was much less in your face.

You become desensitized to it over time. If all we ever saw were the same kind of scenes week in, week out we’d take it for granted when something big happens. It would just be “oh Goblin Slayer trying to shock us again” which I don’t think the show really wants. We still had a lot of blood, I will say that his backstory was perfect in that it never out rightly showed anything horrific but the imagery itself was. Seeing the girl standing in front of the graves of her family, hearing about what happened to his sister but only seeing her arm being dragged out of frame and him cowering I guess under the floor boards. It was perfectly done as was the goblins themselves in this episode, we’d heard they’d caught some victims but we didn’t see anything too grotesque other then what they did with the bodies after they were bored, which was burning them at a stake, and even that was a hazy small part of the episode and not a center piece.

It means that later on if we get something big and distressing like in the first episode it won’t feel like they are trying to force this traumatic shit on us every week. They keep it in the back of your mind because they want to remind you that goblins aren’t these weak ass little level 1 monsters for rookies to play around with but seriously deranged, horrifying creatures.

If anything they want us to remember why the goblin slayer is so traumatised over what happened to him and why he hates them so much.

What the show doesn’t seem to want to do is use shocking images constantly to make controversy and make people tune in to see what horrible shit they pull this week. They’ve showed us the worst these creatures can do and don’t need to paint that picture every week. They still won’t hide the fact that these horrors are being done but they don’t need to explicitly show us every single episode.

Whilst the story might end up being meh if this episode is anything to go by, there just doesn’t so far seem to be a real story, at least it seems to have got the balance of what kind of gore, horror and distressing shit to put into each episode.

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