Zombie Land Saga : I <3 HIP HOP SAGA

Episode 2

Another day and another episode of the wonderful Zombie Land Saga. The majority of the girls woke up at the end of the last episode so it’ll be fun to see how they react to the crazy world they’ve woken up to!

I really like this show so much.

It isn’t surprising that I’m a huge fan of horror and zombies are something that I’ve always found hilarious, I don’t know why but I’ve never found them terrifying and my favourite zombie movies tend to be ones where zombies are just there for fun.

Therefore this show is perfect because it is just hilarious.

I love the chemistry the girls have. Whilst Ai and Junko want to run away and find the same thing out as Sakura did when she ran off, I like that Saki just doesn’t care. The kind of ongoing thing between Saki and Sakura all episode long was perfectly done and I like that she ended up having a bunch of respect for Sakura after she lost her temper at the concert and initiated a rap battle between the two before dropping so many truth bombs on both her group and the audience before a epic mic drop and end to the show.

Kotaro is such a shit. He is always in the background, always knowing how to turn the cogs to make things work. I like that it seems to be working out and that so far there doesn’t seem to be any other reasoning for Kotaro doing what he’s doing other then to be a producer to this group and help Saga. I’d like to see him react more with the other girls if I’m honest though, so far he’s only really talked to Sakura but it would be interesting to see him butt heads with Saki or for Ai and/or Junko to tell him he’s doing things wrong.

The rapping in this episode was amazing. The three dudes who were rapping trying to pick up Sakura, Ai and Junko made the entire scene… I don’t know how to describe it. Whilst they never seemed threatening it is a very horror-esque kind of scene, three girls being pursued by three dudes down a dark alley with no escape yet they seemed harmless as they rapped their little hearts out about going to karaoke with them. I guess that is something I really like is that it is taking a lot of horror and music/idol anime tropes and throwing them together to make ridiculous yet great scenes like that.

As for the final rap it was just brilliant, so far the two songs they’ve done have been brilliant and I can’t wait to see what they do next episode. Also whether or not they get another name, first up it was Death Musume now it is Green Face.

Going back a little to the genre and all that I guess the fact that you can’t pin point what kind of group they are, it is so far catering for all types of music, as well as throwing in the zombie horror stuff is something I am really enjoying. I like idol music don’t get me wrong, I like just about anything if I’m honest but the fact that every week you get something a little different and they sprinkle it with a bunch of horror stuff just makes it really fun.

Also Tae. Tae is my love and I love her and I will fight anyone who doesn’t love her. The fact her arm and head came off during the concert and no one batted a eyelid made me roar with laughter, in fact the dude who she ended up biting just fed her the dried squid. It was brilliant.

Honestly a great little show.


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