That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : Meeting the Goblins

Episode 2

“Goburin-tachi to no Deai” (ゴブリンたちとの出会い)

So Satoru met a Storm Dragon, befriended it oh and he’s a human that is now a Slime in a different world. What wasn’t there to love about Episode 1?

It just gets better the entire time I watch it to be honest.

Satoru has now got a new name given to him by Veldora after he comes up with the idea of eating the prison that Veldora is in so that he can analyse it and break Veldora out, his new name is Rimuru and his and Veldora’s new family name is Tempest.

That was just a brilliant little thing with those two, I really like that friendship and hope that they do break Veldora out soon because I already miss him.

We then got some perfect first level gaming from Rimuru who goes around eating everything he finds so that he can take their skills, Predator is so OP it is unbelievable but it leads to great moments like him eating a snake and even though he doesn’t have the ability to taste him freaking out, finding out that poison breath is NOT something he wants to use and also using the bits of the bat he defeated to be able to talk.

Talking Rirmuru is even cuter then non-talking Rirmuru.

Also the line about the guy who can go invisible and how he was a creep and Rirmuru wants to make friends with him later made me laugh so loud.

What I loved was that he’s completely oblivious to how powerful he is. The Goblins come to him for help which he agrees to do because he’s lovely like that but he just thinks he’s a slime. I got the feeling that Veldora was trying to point out to him that he was a bit stronger then he thought but it doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind that he is.

Overall it was another brilliant episode and it is easy to see how I am going to fall in love with it.

Rirmuru is a class character, easy to get behind and fun to watch go about his day to day business. I don’t really want him to have a human form because I love him as a Slime so much. The Goblins who have now taken him as their leader are actually pretty sweet as well and I love the way they are drawn. I really can’t wait to see how he takes down the dire wolves and happy that he was just putting on a show when he asked them what they would give him in return.

It is just a nice show.

Plus the video game music in the background just makes me so happy. I love it when these little moments pop up. Dungeon Crawling music. What genius thought to include that? They need to be given everything.

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