Goblin Slayer : The Fate of Particular Adventurers

Episode 1

Aru bōkenshatachi no ketsumatsu” (ある冒険者たちの結末)

My so far only pick of this new season is Goblin Slayer. I’ve heard a lot of talk about it so thought I’d give it a watch myself. I know very little about it but people seem to be losing their shit over it so it must be good.

I can see why it has caused a bit of a stir to be honest.

Behind the cheerful animation of the main character there lies a more brutal and terrifying look at the world of Adventurers.

For the first part of the episode I wasn’t really sure what all the hubbub really was about, it seemed tame compared to some things I’d watched and whilst I got that we were going to lose whatever adventure it was we were going on, based on the opening scene, I never imagined it would get as dark and creepy as it did. Who would have thought that goblins would be the most terrifying thing I’d be watching this Halloween season?

In my opinion it was good though.

For all the fantasy shows that play as goblins being these evil little shits that go around stealing and killing at low levels it was a interesting twist that we see these ones actually being evil and horrible. Lets face it we go to slay these goblins because they stole girls from a village so of course the goblins had to have a reason why they were stealing girls from the village in the first place. It didn’t hide behind the fact we’d just never know it went out there and was straight and was like “these horrible, evil shitty monsters rape women” which instantly told you all you needed to know about this world.

This ain’t that Slime thing Anna is watching, these ain’t little blighters you fight at level 1 in RPGs.

The reason this whole thing is called Goblin Slayer, the reason the woman in the adventurers guild was so concerned, the reason some bad ass dude is wandering around killing what is usually seen as a weak creature is because they are fucking abhorrent and needing to be slain.

It is a different take on goblins I guess.

I really enjoyed the episode, which is strange to say I guess, but I liked the realism. I liked that a bunch of rookies went into a cave that was probably too strong for them and failed, this isn’t a game though so there was no respawning. They were under equipped, under prepared and lacking in basic knowledge of their surroundings and their own abilities/equipment. Because they ran in over confident they were able to be ambushed and then they died. Or were raped. One of them nearly both and one of them probably wishes both.

People don’t like it when things get too grizzly and too realistic.

If you go into a fight cocky about your chances you’ll end up on the floor even in real life. Stands to reason you go running head first into a monsters home you’ll end up on the floor. What this anime did is make those monsters 10 times more terrifying then any you’d seen before and they did it by making it personal. They ripped the guy to shreds, used poison in their weapons so the magic caster was begging to be killed and raped another.

The only thing I guess that I don’t get about it is that the Priestess just showed up, what you can only imagine is a day or so later, ready to do it again after everything she witnessed. I get that she probably wants to avenge the people who she was partied up with or just wants to stop this happening to others but there was no real explanation to that. We see her depressed in the cave after watching the Goblin Slayer kill the goblin kids and everything else that happened, to a speech that was both depressing yet heroic to her just showing up at the Guild announcing she got chain mail and happily agreeing to go along with the Goblin Slayer on his next adventure.

That might bug me. There needs to be character development shown not just forced on us. We’ll see though.


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