Zombie Land Saga : Good Morning Saga

Episode 1

“Guddo Mōningu Saga” (グッドモーニングSAGA)

The new Anime Season starts and here I am with Zombie Land Saga which looks like it’ll be my personal favourite anime of 2018 just by the opening episode.

Where to start?

I don’t really know. I’ve sat here for half a hour trying to describe what I just saw and nothing makes sense to me. It was a really good first episode but I am struggling to find the words to explain why.

Zombie Land Saga is a story of Zombie Idols. Yes you read it right, Zombie Idols.

Everything about it hit the right notes for me. I worried when it opened that it would be too sugary sweet for something called Zombie Land Saga but then suddenly the main character, Sakura, gets hit by a truck and the rock music blares and I was hooked.

It was funny, it had some good horror moments in it and two really brilliant and contrasting characters. I mean there is a whole group of characters that have only just woken up so we’ll get to meet even more of them next time but in this episode it really is only Sakura and Kotaro and they were brilliant together as a oddball team trying to get the other girls to this Death Metal Concert and made the group work.

At the same time it was just fun and that was all you could hope for.

It didn’t dwell on anything too much and felt like it was over in a heart beat. There wasn’t really much to it other then setting the world we are in and kind of hand waving away how we got to that world in the first place. I don’t mind that, I don’t need to know how Kotaro resurrected the girls just knowing the why is good enough for me.

I feel it is going to be one of those shows that just make you happy to watch them, I hope none of the girls have too much baggage and it doesn’t lose that charming funny side to it. I like that they kind of have to get used to being Zombies and all that and I want to see some madness in that world.

Really liked the episode.

Zombie Dog Romero is amazing, love that he’s called Romero too what a lovely touch to the king of Zombies.

Tae Yamada is probably my favourite of the group, she’s got that Grudge thing going for her with the guttered breathing and weird way of moving, I really liked her introduction and that really brilliant funny moment where we found out that she’s just been biting Sakura the entire time she was talking to Kotaro. She also is still brain dead and I hope she never wakes up, mainly because I don’t think she’ll live up to my expectations no matter what they do with her.

I want to find out what happened to Ai Mizuno who seemed to be Sakura’s favourite Idol when she was alive and is suddenly there as a Zombie, that’ll be a interesting story and a interesting bond between them two characters possibly.

Overall it was just a strong first episode and if you like crazy then it really is for you. Plus love that they had Death Metal in it.


4 thoughts on “Zombie Land Saga : Good Morning Saga”

  1. I really enjoyed the first episode of this but episodes 2 and 3 didn’t quite hit the same tone for me. I’m hoping it picks back up for me, but we’ll see how it goes.

    1. I’ve seen episode 2 (review should be out today I think) but not 3 and I can get what you mean. It changes very dramatically in style between the two episodes what with the change in music genre the girls are working towards and the way it is presented now that most of the girls are awake. Whilst I really liked episode 2 I can really see why some would feel a drop in interest from the first one, hopefully at the least it’ll settle into a decent mid ground for you!

        1. Honestly watching episode 3 and kept your comment in mind and realised just how different it is from the first episode. I’m gonna have fun writing about this episode I think!

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