That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime : The Storm Dragon, Verudora

Episode 1

“Boufuu Ryuu Veldra” (暴風竜ヴェルドラ)

Another one of those games where a normal human ends up in a game/game like world. This time with a little bit of a twist I guess as the main character… As the title suggests… Comes back as a Slime.

It was a bit of a head fuck if I’m honest with you.

Constantly switching between different animation styles, constantly switching what you were seeing, the gaming screens and everything else. It was difficult to watch but at the same time fun. The music was very game-ish which made the whole atmosphere even better and I enjoyed it.

It made me laugh how much it had to hit home that the main character, Satoru Mikami, was a successful businessman that was still a virgin at 37 when he died. The fact he went on about being reincarnated and sleeping with all the women he meets turned into the skill called Predator made me laugh.

Though sad we’ll never find out what kind of pervy things he had on his computer.

As a first episode it was a decent information dump. We got to learn what a bunch of Satoru’s new skills mean, some information on the way the world is built and he already got a good head start to things by absorbing a bunch of plants and turning them into potions. We met the Dragon Veldora who then gave him some more information on Summons and Otherworlders, people like Satoru who have been dragged into this world but none of whom transform into something else.

It really was like a tutorial/opening scene to a game.

Satoru is a decent main character I guess, by the looks of the ending credits he’s going to transform into a girl which I’m kind of meh about overall. I liked his way of thinking and his interactions with his inner voice thing and Veldora were good. As a character he’s alright.

Veldora the Dragon was my favourite, I love how he tried to sugar coat the fact that he was imprisoned after burning a town down and that all he wanted in return of helping Satoru learn how to see was to basically be his friend. I like the friendship and hope it continues on and that Veldora gets out of the cave because it would be a waste to have to go back and see him and sad if we don’t see more of him in general.

Can’t really go on the first episode to how the series is going to play out. The beginning of it really has little to no importance to what happened next other then to show us how he got his skills, as I said it was then like a tutorial with a lot of information being given and not much else. They are stuck in a cave and already just by the ending credits you can see that there are going to be a lot of different species, Satoru is going to get a body and all sorts will happen. It skipped through so many different ways of showing us what was going on that you can’t get a feel on just how comedic it’ll be, how action packed it’ll be or even what the final animation style for the majority of the season will look like.

That being said I really enjoyed it and happy I missed episode one so can go straight to episode two.


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