Madoka Magica : Can You Face Your True Feelings?

Episode 7

“Hontō no Kimochi to Mukiaemasu ka?” (本当の気持ちと向き合えますか?)

It looks very much like we are seeing the downfall of Sayaka and it hurts so badly.

It must be hard for her. So hard. You find out that your soul is no longer connected to your body and the person trying to explain it to you doesn’t really have any concern over how humans feel and just thinks you should be grateful. Not only that but she doesn’t exactly have anyone that she can talk to as she’s determined not to like Kyoko and Homura no matter what, she’s made up her mind kind of on both of them just she kind of changes it on Kyoko in this episode.

She’s set on a path and nothing will budge her from it, she’s now more determined then ever. The only problem is the one thing she truly wants she’s probably now never going to get and by the end of the episode you have to be seriously worried for her mental well being….

If she even has a mental well being with her soul trapped in a gem.

This episode was mainly dominated by the story of Kyoko and her wish which was told in such a wonderful way I was completely entranced by it. It was so beautiful and sad and the animation used when she was telling it was so hauntingly beautiful. I loved it and it kind of rounded up Kyoko which I guess is needed seeing her and Homura are now working together and I’m not sure what is going to happen to Sayaka, we needed something to get us to route for her a little bit and this was basically it. Done so perfectly like pretty much everything else in the series.

We’re still nowhere close to Madoka being a Magical Girl.

It broke my heart when Hitomi kind of gave Kyoko a ultimatium, she has to tell Kyosuke how she feels or else Hitomi, who is also in love with him, will tell him how she feels. It comes at a horrible time forcing even more stress into the life of someone who has just found out her soul is no longer attached to her body.

All the while Kyubey watches over everything that happens just waiting for his moment to strike to get Madoka who he has said many times is going to be the most powerful Magical Girl if she makes a contract with him. It once again makes me wonder why Homura doesn’t just out right say what she is doing to Madoka seeing that might be the easiest way to do things. In fact if she had been honest with Mami, Madoka and Sayaka from the beginning I feel this series would be very different, instead she wants to be a enigma wrapped up in a mystery and her job of making sure that Madoka never makes it to be a Magical Girl is just getting more and more murky as Madoka see’s more that upsets her and therefore gives her more reason to want to be a Magical Girl and try and help people.

It is the weirdest way to try and do something I’ve ever seen.

I get that there seems to be a bit of a “would you believe me if I told you the truth” kind of thing going on but at the same time she’s just making everything worse so there has to be something she can do other then be a moody loner to help them all understand her plans. I mean this seems so important to her, it is the only thing that ever seems to move her, yet she’s just so mysterious and pushing so hard at Madoka and her principals of love and kindness that I don’t get why she doesn’t think that the end result will be Madoka being a Magical Girl to do the things that she has asked Homura politely to do like help Sayaka.

Like to be honest if I was offered a contract with a talking cat thing who grants wishes I’m pretty sure I’d believe anything Homura would say. She was the one that let it get out of hand by not talking to Mami and therefore letting Mami decide the opinion Sayaka has on Homura and leaving no room for trust in her when Mami was gone. That is all down to Homura and if she wasn’t such a mysterious misery then maybe, just maybe, something good would happen for a change.

Oh and before I end this review I guess I have to say that I full agreed with a lot of Kyoko’s wish talk, I’d been saying it all along that I don’t think making a wish for someone else in this circumstance was a good idea, after all being a Magical Girl is dangerous and you are stuck in a world that puts your life in danger all the time for someone else but you don’t really have any authority to tell them how they should feel about that or what they should do next. You make your wish then they get to live their lives the way they want with your wish doing whatever it does. Sayaka kind of wanted it to mean that Kyosuke will love her but she’s also, probably, not going to go ahead and tell him how she feels which means that she’s relying on him to make her own wish come true without knowing that she helped him or without knowing how she feels.


We’ve all been there, staring at our crush hoping they’ll just understand and say what we want them to say or at least say something to put us out of our misery. Imagine risking your life and wasting a wish on making their dream come true just to have to watch them and that wish make someone else happy?

I barely survive a day without being miserable my crush exists and doesn’t know who I am let alone any of the shit that Sayaka is feeling after putting her life on the line so that her crush can simply play Violin again….

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