Island : We’ve Met Again, But You…

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“Mata Aeta Kedo Anata wa” (またあえたけどアナタは)

We are back to where we began. Setsuna naked on a beach…

Now this Setsuna remembers… things… from his future adventures including the fact that he is in love enough with the Rinne there that he “married” her and had sex with her.

Yeah I really wish I hadn’t had to see that.

It is just a huge mess really isn’t it?

This episode was pretty boring to be honest. Setsuna knows what is going to happen so it is one of those happy episodes where he gets to go back and do everything all over again, something everyone hopes they can do.

With the knowledge that he’s in love with the much younger looking Rinne  in the future he sets about making everyone’s lives better and stopping this Rinne from dying.

Saving Karen is cute, I loved that he told her friends everything and they were with her when she went to the mainland. It is nice and made me with that this entire thing had been a Slice-of-Life with the three girls and Karen’s three friends.

Sara didn’t really have much because most of her story was pointless anyway, she just thought she’d go back in time on her 17th birthday and she didn’t, because he told her she wouldn’t she didn’t do anything.

As for Rinne because she’d seen him “save” Karen and Sara she just believed him when he told her she needed to change and when she was ready they took a boat to the Island to get the remains of the other Setsuna.

Everyone is happy other then maybe Setsuna who is in love with obviously the other Rinne now. Or is he?

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