Madoka Magica : This Just Can’t Be Right

Episode 6

“Konna no Zettai Okashii yo” (こんなの絶対おかしいよ)

The story is ever changing. We learn new bits and pieces all the time as well as seeing Sayaka and Madoka both grow as characters with every small road block in their road.

I can’t wait to see what tips Madoka over the edge and whether Homura ever see’s the folly in her plan on being a lone wolf just spouting out dark nonsense and refusing to help.

What a really interesting episode.

I like that we’ve learnt that there are a lot more problems to being a Magical Girl then what you’d first expect. It seems that the Soul Gem is actually their souls, not just a fancy name, as their whole entire being is transferred into them when they make the contract and therefore they need to stay within 100 meters of the gem else their bodies, which are now shells, will die. It makes everything even more dangerous for all involved but also might have brought the three Magical Girls together.

I still don’t get why Homura isn’t talking more.

It is obvious what Kyubey is up too, he’s dying to have Madoka make a contract with him and uses everything in his power to make it happen including trying to convince Sayaka that she needs Madoka to help her defeat Kyoko.

There were some sad moments in the episode like the obvious point that Sayaka still doesn’t know that the reason Homura didn’t save Mami is because Mami had magically tied her up so she could only come and help when Mami was dead, there were some great moments like Madoka having a conversation with her mum and her mum telling her it is OK when  you are young to make mistakes which lead to Madoka throwing Sayaka’s Soul Gem over the bridge.

You’d hope that this would change the dynamic but of course Sayaka doesn’t actually know what happened so it’ll be difficult for her to still… I don’t really know the word but I guess co-exist with two people she thinks are worse then Witches. One who would sacrifice people for Grief Seeds and another who she thinks is the same and also blames for the death of a friend.

I worry more and more about Sayaka because I don’t think her wish is making her particularly happy, she doesn’t know that her friend has been let home from the hospital and doesn’t even ring the bell to see him when she gets to his house because he’s playing his Violin and she doesn’t want to disturb him. She’s going to be so busy being a Magical Girl that I feel like her wish is going to be for nothing.

I don’t really agree with much of what Kyoko says but I still maintain that it was a silly wish.

Also I don’t agree with her but I burst into tears of laughter when Kyoko went full Misery on us and told Sayaka to break both of Kyosuke’s arms and legs and make him need her forever. That was hilarious. SO hilarious.

Again I feel this puts a pretty big road block in front of Kyubey getting his wish to make Madoka a Magical Girl. Why would she now she knows that her body will become a husk and that keeping the Soul Gem shining and all that is so important which means putting her life in danger all the time? I get that it is leading to something horrible happening to someone, probably Sayaka seeing it is episode 6 and I’m not sure Homura or Kyoko will become that important to Madoka in time for her to want to save them, which will make her NEED to become a Magical Girl but… It’s episode 6 and she still isn’t so there is hope for her right?

I hope so.

I so hope something nice happens to at least one of them.

I’m so naive.

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