Island : I Don’t Want to Grieve Anymore

Recursion 2

“Monku Yamitakunai Kara” (モンクヤミタクナイカラ)

I have to admit I did stop listening for a long time at the end of the last episode so other then knowing that Karen has had to run away I don’t really know what is happening.

Again when the episode isn’t about Rinne or Setsuna it becomes 10 times better.

Sara again was the character at the heart of the episode after helping Karen and Setsuna her father is murdered and she is the one that gets the blame for it, before long she’s branded a witch and tied to a stake to burn.

They still, with only two more episodes after this, are trying to tell too many stories all at once and it becomes a giant mess when it does.

Not even going to pretend to know what is going on in this episode but the one thing I do know is that Sara and Karen are dead. Sara died from a wound she got before the burning whilst Karen died from Soot Blight Syndrome.

All four characters seemingly have died at some point now as I still think Setsuna is gonna end up at some point being the Setsuna that looks after Rinne in that cave. He already seems to be going back and forward in time as it is.

I think I like this Rinne more but I could do without the Rinne/Setsuna stuff. I loved when she got excited when Setsuna turned all the computers on by accident, though where they got all their food from when none of them looked like they were carrying anything I don’t know.

Oh and it seems Setsuna will fall in love with any Rinne he is in front of too which makes it weirder.

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