Doctor Who : Rosa

We have the third episode of the new series take us back in the past to meet someone rather important.

A good old fashioned time travel, meet historical person and defeat random alien threat episode this week. This time travelling back to 1955 and meeting the activist Rosa Parks played by the wonderful Vinette Robinson.

For a start Ryan was absolutely adorable in this episode. I really liked seeing him meeting people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr because it is easy to remember names and not really understand what they went through and just how much they changed the world. It sounds a little weird but you think about all the people in history that have changed the world but because they were born so long ago and the things they did changed the world so much it is hard to really understand what they really did. Ryan was thrown into 1955 Alabama, immediately is slapped for being a gentleman and is constantly facing “No Colored” signs everywhere he went. He then comes face to face with people who, whilst sure they haven’t eradicated racism, changed the world so that Ryan can live in a time where the small things he was doing in 1955 are just normal things that he’d do in his normal life with no problems.

You saw it with him. Rosa Parks was someone that his class was named after yet he was a bit iffy on what exactly she did. Yas gave him the great speech about how whilst small minded people still exist things like Rosa refusing to give up her seat means that people can sit wherever they want on a bus and that Yas herself can be police officers.

Krasko was a boring villain in the end and I don’t think we really need that kind of thing in a historic episode if I’m honest. It was a very bland villain played blandly by Joshua Bowman and just didn’t make sense. It never truly explained why he had such a big problem with black people, why Rosa Parks upset him so much or anything else, specially seeing he was from the far off future, OK he probably wasn’t a alien like I said earlier but to be honest I have little interest in what he is or what he wanted.

I also didn’t like the decision to put a song over the ending of the episode, it didn’t ruin it but I just didn’t like the song much. It was still a really impactful moment and I teared up watching it but also at the same time just really didn’t like the song.

Robinson was absolutely amazing in the episode and is the best guest character so far, I feel the Krasko character took time away from really getting to see Robinson as Rosa which is a shame because she had great chemistry with the cast and even with the small amount of time we got to spend with her we got to see such a strong, independent and brave woman. I think Robinson did a great job of getting that over.

The series just gets better every single episode.

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