Madoka Magica : There’s No Way I’ll Ever Regret It

Episode 5

“Kōkai nante, Aru Wakenai” (後悔なんて、あるわけない)

Sayaka being a Magical Girl was a obvious thing from the beginning but we’ll see how she deals with being hunted down to be shown a lesson as well as the work she has to do anyway. Just so a boy she kinda crushes on can play the violin again.

She’s a nice one because I wouldn’t even spit on my crush if he was on fire so obviously she’s much better a human then I’ll ever be.

We get the confirmation we needed that Kyubey has no idea who Homura is and therefore is not too sure how dangerous a threat she is to whatever it is he is doing. It makes me wonder who the hell Homura really is and what it is that she’s doing. Is Kyubey the only person that can make Magical Girls? If not then are we ever going to meet others?

I worry for Sayaka, yeah I’m going back to the point above that one. Madoka is worried and wants Homura to help Sayaka and they should be worried with Kyoko on the war path but I think I’m worried in a different way. I really am worried about someone who flippantly hands over a wish, a wish that binds your soul to something dangerous, to someone else. She’s putting someone else’s happiness above hers because she hopes that it’ll mean she’ll get something at the end of the road, but the problem is that Kyosuke doesn’t know that and even if he does he shouldn’t be bound to Sayaka just because she did that for him.

What if he doesn’t need her anymore?

What happens if this has all been for nothing?

I don’t really get what it is Sayaka thinks is going to happen but I just don’t think wishes are ever a good thing and giving your wish to someone else and kind of hoping that fulfilling their wish will fulfill yours is a dangerous thing to do.

So away from Sayaka….

I think I get where we are going with Madoka. Again Homura is her own worst enemy, in making out how dangerous a life a Magical Girl leads is she’s going to make Madoka change her mind. She wants to scare her away but in being a loner and honest all Homura is doing is making Madoka move closer to Sayaka and therefore closer to danger that might end with her NEEDING to be a Magical Girl to save both of them.

Loved the children’s drawing type animation for the Familiars Labyrinth in this episode, I love that kind of art work anyway because there is always something eerie about it but it was played so well.

Also really liked seeing Sayaka and Madoka come face to face with a different philosophy. If they think that Homura is different from them then they never knew anything until they met Kyoko who shows up to show Sayaka a thing or two as well as act like Sayaka is a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Kyoko is 100% the kind of Magical Girl only there to get Grief Seeds so her opinion on what Sayaka is doing makes her dislike for Sayaka even greater.

Also ALSO loved how Sayaka’s magical power ends up being the ability to heal fast because her wish was for Kyosuke to be healed.

There is a lot to love in this episode and it just got better and better as the episode went on. I can see Madoka becoming more interesting, she is like a sponge that is soaking in everything around her and becoming a more rounded character instead of the wet blanket she has been so far. Not only that but my opinion that Kyubey is moving pawns around on purpose just to get to Madoka was strengthened when he wouldn’t step between Kyoko and Sayaka instead goading Madoka into making a wish, a wish that was only stopped because Homura finally showed up.

Really starting to get why people thought I’d like this show, it is becoming so interesting.

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