Madoka Magica : Miracles and Magic are Real

Episode 4

“Kiseki mo, Mahō mo, Arun da yo” (奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ)

Yesterday’s episode was sad right? Poor Mami is dead and it is only going to strengthen the other two’s will to become Magical Girls so I’m guessing that wishes are going to be made in this episode and we’ll have to deal with what comes next.

I’m actually impressed as hell. I said that this would make Madoka want to be a Magical Girl which makes no sense to me because she’s such a wet blanket….


She reacts the way I thought she SHOULD react and it made the entire thing so much better. I’m so jaded obviously that I just think things are going to be one way without giving it the benefit of the doubt. It actually played out perfectly in that Kyubey kind of guilt trips two girls who are pretty sweet into wanting to be better then the “bad guys” that Kyubey has painted for them.

I loved the line from Kyubey that they can’t judge other Magical Girls and their motivations for anything because they aren’t Magical Girls, it was such a perfectly delivered line to two grieving teenagers that you could see that knife being jammed right into their hearts. Specially Sayaka who does have something she wants to wish for, who is full of negative emotions and much more head strong.

Honestly it makes so much sense how it ended up playing out and I’m glad that it proved me wrong to be honest.

I always knew that Sayaka was going to be easier to convince even though she felt similar to Madoka after Mami’s death because she actually has something to wish for even if she’s well aware that she might be wishing for it for the wrong reasons. When her friend Kyosuke announces the doctors have told him to give up on ever getting better she finally snaps and makes a contract with Kyubey.

Thing is that Homura is her own worst enemy. She doesn’t really make whatever it is  she wants to say clear so when she shows up after Sayaka saves Madoka and a bunch of other people and just says “how dare you” of course Sayaka just thinks she’s pissed that she missed the witch and the seed. That isn’t the case, obviously, as she just wants them not to be Magical Girls, and with the arrival of Kyoko who declares she’ll do something nasty to Sayaka as well as her talk with Madoka earlier in the day it is obvious she actually has a point.

This leads to a easy way of changing Madoka’s mind.

If Sayaka dies she’ll be overcome with grief but there is a chance before that even happens that she’ll just want to team with Sayaka to make sure she DOESN’T die in the first place. It opens up loads of more interesting possibilities with Madoka.

Then again if I’m honest Madoka is still pretty bland. Homura is determined not to have her turn into a Magical Girl, I don’t think Kyubey is going to give up on her as easy as he makes out and Sayaka agreeing to be a Magical Girl and another showing up pissed that Sayaka is a Magical Girl isn’t going to be a coincidence I’m guessing. Kyoko knows him and Homura hates him so there has to be reasoning behind Homura seemingly being the only Magical Girl that doesn’t have a half decent relationship with him. I know we haven’t met many but she is also the only Magical Girl we’ve met so far that doesn’t actually like being one either which could mean just about anything.

I guess it is the wishes I’m most interested in.

Will something happen to Kyosuke now that he’s better? Or is that it? Is his hand sorted and him fine to go on his merry way for the foreseeable future? Do the wishes stay true even after a Magical Girl dies? Or do they even stay as a good thing? Will we get some Idle Hands type of shit and have his hand suddenly go into business for itself?

Yeah it really is the wishes side of it I’m most interested in as well as Sayaka NOT DYING.

2 thoughts on “Madoka Magica : Miracles and Magic are Real”

  1. I love reading your episode impressions on Madoka. It reminds me of how great the ride was! You may have some strong reactions to Sayaka and Kyousuke’s bit coming up.

    1. Thank you! I’ve really been enjoying it, I don’t really know if that is coming across in the reviews because I just seem to be going off on one about things as I tend to always do but it has really rattled me emotionally to the point I actually end up screaming at the TV half the time! It really is a ride and a half!

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