Inu x Boku SS : Day of the Promise

Episode 9

“Yakusoku no Hi” (約束の日)

Are we going to get to see the coffee date or is something going to go wrong? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Its another episode that doesn’t really do much. I mean it just kind of exists and is pretty fun to watch but overall there wasn’t much to it.

Ririchiyo worrying about the coffee date was obvious though it was fun to see her, Watanuki and Karuta study together, I missed why all the agents and Rensho had to be stood just watching them but Karuta’s way of study was hilarious. The pencil was great.

When Natsume made them do the partner stuff it was fun.

I think this is why I don’t tend to like Slice-of-Life anime’s, I know that they don’t really classify this as one but there are quite a few episodes like this that are just pretty much filler with their day to day lives and whilst its fun to watch I just get bored easily. Thankfully this show breaks it up with the extra drama but it mainly just follows their life and whilst I’m not going to say I dislike it because that would be a lie at the same time sometimes I just blank out and watch it with no real interest.

Which sounds bad but it isn’t.

I tend to enjoy things with a lot going on and a lot to talk about afterwards but there isn’t really much in this episode so when I got to the end of it whilst I didn’t feel I wasted my time I also felt like the episode was pointless.

Its a mixed feeling really.

At the end we find out that the notes telling people to be quiet and all that were from Kagero who has returned.

Now that might bring some interesting times with it.


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