Madoka Magica : I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore

Episode 3

“Mō Nani mo Kowakunai” (もう何も怖くない)

I don’t know what it is about the series but I said in yesterday’s post that I feel we haven’t really learnt anything yet and I really believe that to be true.

Hopefully in this episode we’ll see what Madoka and Sayaka wish for and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn a little more.

So there is a lot of foreshadowing about Madoka, Kyubey is open that he thinks she’s got the potential to be the strongest Magical Girl and Homura is more concerned about not making HER a Magical Girl and less about not making Sayaka a Magical Girl.

All that foreshadowing makes me wonder what exactly is important about her… I mean she is the main character so there was obviously going to be something else about her but it adds a little more intrigue to a character that so far has been pretty two dimensional and boring.

Boy the Witches Labyrinth in this episode… I figured out what it, for some odd reason, reminds me of and that is American McGee’s Alice. I don’t know why but it gives off that vibe and I love it so much. It really is such a wonderfully strange animation style.

I feel I misread Mami pretty badly. She was cocky and sure of herself and she seemed to believe and trust in Kyubey but she really was just a very lonely girl who wanted a friend and someone to share her life with. She becomes the first death we see in the series as I feel Kyubey fully knows that he is taking Sayaka and Madoka into a extremely dark place and Mami takes her eyes off the ball. It is sad because she was warned by Homura but as Homura won’t be open with them herself she gives no one reason to believe or trust her.

Honestly I think Mami’s death was kind of underwhelming. It was so quick and just not that impactful at all and maybe that is on purpose. I mean she was nice, she was to us the coolest Magical Girl because she was the only one we, and Madoka and Sayaka, have seen. Her death being so quick and so pointless is the point! Whilst I can see that, I can see that it was meant to show the two girls what it truly is to be a Magical Girl and how quickly a fight can turn into death, it was still kind of a “well she’s dead” moment.

Personally if I had seen that I wouldn’t be looking to be a Magical Girl. Madoka seems set on it because she wants to be a good guy like Mami but there is nothing about Madoka’s character that makes me believe she’d be anything but a terrified little child when she came face to face with a Witch. Sayaka… I might be able to believe that she’d be more inclined to be a Magical Girl now, she’s angry that Mami is dead, angry that Homura has come around and taken something she believes belongs to Mami. If Homura’s wish is for them to not be Magical Girls her mocking tone towards them at the end is not going to help because I think Sayaka would wish for just about anything now to be a Magical Girl and face Homura in honor of Mami.

Again though I feel we are missing important things.

I just can not bring myself to trust Kyubey. He seems intent on doing anything and everything he can to make Madoka especially want to be a Magical Girl, instead of telling the two to turn and run he wanted them to become Magical Girls right there and fight something that had just killed Mami who was used to fighting Witches. He’s obsessed with Madoka’s magic and is exactly what Homura wanted to kill whilst she also wants Madoka NOT to be a Magical Girl. Even though one is a Magical Kitty cat and cute as hell and the other is a brooding teenage girl I think I’ll go with the teenager over the mystery cat because to be honest… Especially with what we witnessed in this episode I don’t think being a Magical Girl is all that to be truthful.

As I said I can see maybe why Sayaka will 100% want to be a Magical Girl now but I struggle to see why Madoka will even contemplate being brave enough to do what she saw Mami do. She doesn’t come across as a character that could see someone die and think they could do any better or help in any way.

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