Madoka Magica : That Would Be Truly Wonderful

Episode 2

“Sore wa Tottemo Ureshii Natte” (それはとっても嬉しいなって)

Whilst I guess the question is whether or not Madoka will become a Magical Girl it is also kind of a stupid question seeing there would probably be no anime if she didn’t…

There is a lot going on at the beginning of this episode. We learn of what it is to be a Magical Girl, how they have to fight Witches and how other Magical Girls will fight each other because of the rewards they get for beating Witches. It doesn’t really feel like Madoka or Sayaka has a choice in the matter but both have to come up with a wish for Kyubey to fulfill as well.

Again that is something that raises red flags for me, from very early on I think we learn that wishes can turn really bad if not thought out properly. I also loved the speech that Sayaka gave about how she couldn’t think of a wish because she never needed to wish for something she’d give her life for. I mean I made that sound worse then it actually was but it was just a great little speech and I think overall, during this episode, Sayaka became my favourite character.

Again the second half got much darker then the first half with the girls following Mami to try and find a Witch, Mami is trying to convince them to make the contract with Kyubey so taking them on a fight seems the best idea.

There was a lot to take in all at one and I think overall I got what was going on, mainly I guess it was the again the strange world in which they enter to fight the Witch that really interested me. I feel like there is a lot I’ll love about the show as it goes on but right now we’re just feeling our way into this new world, the crazy Witches realm is just mind blowing in how unusual yet beautiful it is. I love the animation and styling, it is the kind of thing I always get excited about.

That won’t be enough to make me love the series but as I said I feel we were told a lot about the world Madoka and Sayaka are probably walking into but we haven’t learnt a whole bunch about Madoka, Sayaka, Mami or Homura and I feel like Mami herself knows absolutely nothing, truly, of Kyubey, Witches or the purpose of Magical Girls. I feel by the end of the series we’ll learn so much more and look at everything in a different light.

What I guess I do have to say is that Madoka is a little wet isn’t she? It is good that we have Sayaka hanging out with her too because I might get annoyed with her being so… I don’t even know the word for it. She’s just kind of innocent and sweet and it grinds on me for some reason, the fact that she’s scared and she’s not really, by the looks of it, made for all this but at the same time wants to do it. I dunno. I’m happy she’s got Sayaka with her. I’m also on the fence with Mami, I can’t tell if she’s on Madoka and Sayaka’s side or if she’s sowing seeds of doubt between them and Homura on purpose.

I just feel like we’ll see a whole bunch more in the upcoming episodes. It feels like we don’t know anything yet.

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