Overlord III : Player vs Player [END]

Chapter 13


So we end the season with a duel between Ainz and Gazef.

There is only one way this will go…

That is exactly how it goes. After a heartbreaking speech and discussion on what is to happen after the duel from Gazef, Ainz just basically freezes time and instantly kills him with True Death meaning that Gazef’s wish to not being resurrected would be true.

It was later pointed out by Climb that he probably did this in order to help them with their defense in the future against Ainz. After all Climb and Brian might have seen what looks like a impossible task but they also now know that he uses death magic, that the sword that Gazef held is capable of harming Ainz and that they know little to nothing about it.

Whether or not they can understand that he stopped time or transported I don’t know but you’d think when the feelings die down the analyses for those two will be deep and we’ll see Brian being the first person to really hurt Ainz. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us seeing the way he was introduced either, it is very obvious that he is one of those characters that have been marked from Day 1 as super important and we’ll just have to see how he grows from here with the fire in his heart to surpass Gazef and prove his worth at the same time.

It was a sad episode though.

Ainz of course gets his own way and now holds E-Rantel, he also is smart enough that he also created a big thing between him and Momon meaning that the people have seen Momon stick up for them to the new King and will rally behind him. The Emperor’s plan is going to be destroyed due to them flocking to Momon for help which I guess we could see coming a mile off. It was a impressive way to make a statement and it didn’t surprise me in the slightest.

I kind of hate Ainz right now.

He has no real respect for the people surrounding him and again I don’t think it is because his body in this world is different and he’s left his humanity behind. He just has a very over blown sense of self that he probably didn’t have in reality. He seems like the kind of person who just had nothing or no one and life trampled on him and his confidence. He is now taking that out on the people in this world because why the hell not? Why not yield his power over them?

He doesn’t see anyone as a person and it is sad that he even goes as far as using terror on a child to stamp his authority.

He hasn’t lost his humanity because we hear it all the time in his head he just isn’t looking at this world as a world and instead still just looking at it as a computer game and it is going to take for something OP to happen to him and make him stop and realise that it isn’t a game for him to be a better person.

Thing is I don’t think that is the point of the show.

I still like it but I think we’re seeing a different side of Ainz coming out and whilst he was always the bad guy in a way we could get behind him before but now he really IS the bad guy and I feel like it is nice to be following someone that you can honestly start to hate but still care about yet want to see thrown down the stairs and pissed on by other characters.

In other words it was a really good end to the season and I now want to see Brian piss on Ainz.

I’m just emotional because I liked Gazef.

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