Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica : As If I Met her in my Dream

Episode 1

“Yume no Naka de Atta, Yō na…”(夢の中で会った、ような…)

For our second season this October I’ll be looking at a anime I think everyone has told me I’d like since reviewing both Mahou Shoujo Site and Magical Girl Raising Project. That is one of the original Magical Girl head fucks that is Madoka Magica.

I have this problem about watching “classics” or things that have been recommended to me because I’m waiting for that moment that it hits why it is so good or why it has been recommended for me. I’ve been told this is AS dark if not DARKER then the two series I’ve already mentioned but between being introduced to Madoka’s family and her strange as hell teacher who had a big thing about judging women based on how they fry their eggs I did have to wonder if I had stumbled onto the wrong show.

For a long period only the opening gave us a clue to the darker nature of the show but even then it didn’t really match any of the descriptions I’d been given of the show, later on we saw that darker side once more appear when Madoka first meets Kyubey and has to save him from Homura.

That first meeting with Kyubey really hooked me though, Madoka and Sayaka ending up in the weird looking world just threw me and I guess that was what the show wanted. Like School Live! it gave you a false sense of safety, it was just going to be another cute magical girl show and then you get a peek into something much darker and weirder. I wouldn’t say scarier yet, nothing about the scenes was really scary, but when the world changed suddenly and there were all those weird creatures around it really took you out of it.

Fascinating first episode and already you kind of feel connected to Madoka and Sayaka.

I feel like it is trying to make you feel like you shouldn’t trust Homura but she seemed determined to warn Madoka away from being a Magical Girl and she REALLY didn’t seem to like Kyubey and I couldn’t help but feel like she’s the one we should trust over Mami. There is just something about Homura that feels like she’s more important to Madoka and her well being then it looks, maybe it is because the opening theme and first half of the episode really threw you a curve ball making you feel like nothing bad would happen that I just think its obvious that everything is a little upside down in this show.

Plus I think I’ve seen enough shows now like this, that I guess were bred from this, that I don’t trust cute little things (or not so cute things) trying to make people Magical Girls.

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