Satsuriku No Tenshi (Angels of Death) : Try to Know Everything about Her

Episode 12

So it is time to get to know Rachel a little better I guess. What happened to her and why she is in this building in the first place…

Again it was one of those episodes where a lot happens but a lot also doesn’t feel like it happens and you end up wondering what we’ve just sat and watched.

It should have been fun watching Zack try and figure things out to escape the floor, like it kinda was interesting to see Rachel take his part when he was injured, it wasn’t though. It felt rushed and ill thought out, running through a deadlier version of the Home Alone houses with pranks and stuff stopping him from doing stuff. Felt like it was dragging and the story suffered for it, when Gray showed up and started talking constantly about what he wants I got even more bored.

As for Rachel I want something horrible to happen to her. Not because we are left believing she killed her parents, I still don’t think she did but it looks like she sew them together for some odd reason, but because she’s just annoying. She begs to be killed rather then Zack, a murderer, know whatever it was about her past. She gets all ridiculously sad about it and even tries to chase him to stop him going into her bedroom. It just feels silly and pointless. I dislike her so much at the moment and realise how poor a character she’s been from the beginning and how much I just don’t want anything nice to happen to her.

To be honest it didn’t really tell us anything other then hint that she killed her parents which it has been hinting since the beginning. The eyes in a box downstairs hints, to me at least, that Danny, who she called Sensei when she woke up and saw him, probably was actually the one that killed her parents and she watched and probably sew them together. Zack did a lot in the episode to learn nothing much and whilst I love Danny and Gray it was just boring even with them in it.

I know it isn’t the final episode, there are apparently four more but from looks online I don’t really know when they’ll be or whatever. It is just really weird.

Why would Zack care?

Why is Danny so excited?

I get Gray and I agree with him but I’m terrified something will happen to him and I don’t want it too.

I just don’t know.

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