Deadman Wonderland : Relief (Grateful Dead) [END]

Episode 12

“Kyūsai (Gureitofuru Deddo)” (救済(グレイトフルデッド))

It took one and a half episodes after a short break to remind me of every reason I was annoyed at this show. It wants you to care about characters you just don’t care about. I honestly have no investment going into the finale and to be honest I’m pretty sure its going to be pretty disappointing anyway.

It is a pretty piss poor finale.

Ganta has been one of the most annoying protagonist I’ve ever had to suffer through. The whole series long he hasn’t really progressed. He’s a whiny bitch. There isn’t a positive about him at all, he just suffers from whiny bitchness the whole time.

This episode he should have been dead within the first 5 minutes. The poison in his collar goes off, he uses too much blood that even Shiro points out he’ll die if he attacks again…. Jokes on everyone he doesn’t and is even able to summon a even more powerful attack later on. He gets pummeled by the strongest person in the room and still has the strength to stand up mainly to give his second bullshit speech of the night before saving the day.

It was like the whole thing just didn’t matter and I wonder why we had to go through 12 episodes to get to where we are.

Ganta isn’t the only one that miraculously manages to avoid death.

Genkaku stabs Karako straight through the boob right where her lung would be, clean shot through the body but don’t worry kids. She’s fine! Genkaku himself says that he missed any major organ or artery but that’s just bullshit. It would have pierced her lung and made her choke on her own blood.

Next up Nagi gets a hole A GIANT FUCKING HOLE THAT WE LOOK THROUGH blasted into his body just for him to survive for a good 10 minutes and help Ganta defeat Genkaku.

If I wasn’t already pissed about Ganta being alive when he should have died a good 5 minutes into the episode I would have been rightfully pissed off.Genkaku

ESPECIALLY as this episode showed us the backstory of Genkaku who was physically and sexually abused in his past and it warped his idea of what life and death meant. I felt sorry for him like I did the little girl. Again it actual horrible abuse that transformed these people and they were punished for breaking out of the abuse they were in. Its horrible but completely overshadowed by a big baby who has been given a godlike ability to survive everything when the worst thing that has happened to him is his friends were murdered in front of his eyes and he was framed for their murder.

Like my ability to feel sympathy for anyone is the same as anyone else’s. I to get tired of hearing the “people have it worse then you” line when someone is upset and others want to act like they should just get over it. To be fair to Ganta he doesn’t know what Genkaku or the others have really gone through. But even in this episode he compares his hurt over his friends being killed to Nagi’s hatred of the world after his wife was murdered AND THEIR BABY CUT FROM HER and killed like it really is comparable. Of course they don’t have to be in the wider world, both deserve sympathy but Ganta has this heightened sense of his world being so much more important which is then backed up by the story that he has to save the day because he’s the protag that makes him unbelievably unlikable. There isn’t a saving grace for him. My heart was broken when he defeated Genkaku. I was hoping the Mockingbird who has been drifting around licking people’s blood was going to make some trouble for him but no.

It was a poor finale. In general it was a poor series.

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