Inu x Boku SS : Tea and Distance

Episode 8

“Ocha to Kyori” (お茶と距離)

Episode 7 was a great fun episode but in the long run didn’t really add much to the story. Will finally saying Thank You to Soshi even though she just said thank you in general with no context to it finally make her move on with her life?

Honestly the friendship between Rirchiyo, Karuta and Watanuki is probably the best friendship I’ve ever seen. They just act the way they would but know deep down that they are friends. Watanuki acts like a delinquent who doesn’t want to be there, Ririchiyo acts cold and Karuta see’s beyond all that.

Of course Soshi see’s through it all as well so whenever she complains he can see that she’s got two people sticking by her no matter what. Its a pretty sweet moment.

Most of the rest of the episode away from their friendship is aimed at Ririchiyo realizing that she needs to have a better relationship with Soshi, she see’s how the others act and can see that everyone else is friends with their agent but she knows nothing about Soshi.

Thing is I don’t think there is much more to know about Soshi then he’s a dog following her around. I mean sure there is probably a history there, some how she saved his life, but at the same time he doesn’t really have much of a life outside of worshiping her. As I’ve mentioned time and time again.

I also don’t really get why the episode is called Tea and Distance, I guess because he makes her tea but she’s trying to convince him to come on a coffee date with her not a tea date.

This distance is all in her head though.

She acts like she can’t be close to people but that is just a lie. All the people in the apartment have accepted her and care for her. Sometimes people are anti-social even when they are being social, Anna relies heavily on sarcasm when she makes friends so can look like she’s pushing people away or being a pain in the ass but most of the time she’s just scared of talking to people.

Soshi being obsessed with her makes her feel like she doesn’t notice him but he’s obsessive and does scary things like noticing what foot she steps into a elevator with. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t a decent friend or indeed just a friend of his, he doesn’t let her come close to him and she points that out after the credits when she finally finds a place to ask him to coffee with her.

Her way of interacting people is fine she just needs to keep going.

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