Deadman Wonderland : GIG of Despair

Episode 11

“Zetsubō no GIG” (絶望のGIG)

Whilst the reviews are coming out seemlessly I have to admit I binge watched a good deal of them and reviewed them to schedule the posts so that I didn’t end up missing any and ruining the Halloween goodness. I took a break between episode 9 and 10 because the show had kind of pissed me off, going into the last three episodes I felt more positive and kind of enjoyed the episode much more as a result.

So lets see how the penultimate episode plays out.

I won’t even bother pointing out that it was rushed but I will point out some of the major problems that did come about from it being rushed.

So we’re planning on escaping. We’ve just had one failed escape plan that killed the majority of our group and we nearly were killed once more by a traitor in our midst and our deaths were going to be used to fuel our fearless leaders transformation into a Undertaker.

My next move?

Would it be to fight on?

Would it be to give in?

Or would it be to run crying to a strong guy and have the most ridiculous looking training moments, use up most of my blood failing to get anywhere, get there by complete exhaustion and then magically forgetting I’m nearly out of blood and need to recharge but be able to run to the bad guys, having to be saved once again by someone much stronger, and then hitting off this attack I’m not quite sure how I did in the first place whilst dying from blood loss and only having about a hour left till I need my candy which my trainer and myself both destroyed….

It was a pointless part of the episode.

Ganta should have been trained at a time when there isn’t a time limit, people aren’t in danger and it made no sense that he’d be pushed to his limit by Senji and pretty much fail before being able to get to his destination and take out half the room before remembering that shooting out blood means he’s losing blood and therefore right now should be unconscious.

Not to mention the fact that him being there isn’t going to do anything for anyone.

Nagi has been brainwashed and now just wants to kill everyone, if anyone is going to save the day it’ll be Shiro because if Ganta does then its just ridiculous. In fact he only has about a hour to go before he dies anyway if someone doesn’t force some candy down his throat. I wish I hadn’t watched the preview for the finale because it gave away that the super charged attack that Nagi hit didn’t kill Karako.

It has been my main problem the whole time though.

If the anime isn’t giving me enough time to care then I see the characters not caring themselves, Ganta blubbing all the time about every little thing isn’t him caring its self serving and he’s just a cry baby, why should I give a toss about the story? I personally only stayed hooked on it because its a Flashback series so I have to get to the end but what exactly in this story was I meant to be hooked on to keep coming back to?

Was I meant to be shocked that Shiro and Karako had been captured and was going to be gang raped?

Like I’ve seen people killing each other, I’ve seen Nagi’s story of his pregnant wife being killed, I’ve seen people having limbs and body parts removed for losing matches, I saw the dog race were inmates killed each other and I saw that if you don’t earn enough candy you’ll be killed via your collar.

At what point is gang raping two female characters even considered a actual threat in this anime?!

How much less can I care about something when I SHRUG OFF attempted gang rape as being predictable and boring?!

How do you even make a anime that makes someone feel that way about something as abhorrent as gang rape?!

My first thought was “well they are all going to die anyway and its better then having your organs slowly removed….”

But whilst it isn’t really just the desensitizing to the crazy world of Deadman Wonderland going on here I just honestly could not care less what happened to Karako and Shiro. Someone holding a gun to Karako’s boob isn’t going to make me care about her or her fate or even believe for a second something horrible is going to happen to her at this point. Sure she might now die at the hands of Nagi but I can’t muster two fucks about it to be quite honest.

With one episode and a OVA to go its obvious nothing is going to really happen anyway.


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