Doctor Who : The Woman Who Fell to Earth

As you might have noticed we completely gave up on Doctor Who half way through the Twelfth Doctor years, that is absolutely fine seeing that the Doctor regenerates all the time giving people a chance to either fall in love with a whole new version of their favourite hero or shrug it off for a little bit and come back later on.

As we really were born from the 50th anniversary of this show it makes sense to jump back in and give the Thirteenth Doctor a chance.

So as everyone on the planet might have heard the Doctor is now female, or kind of, the Doctor is still a Time Lord in a female body doing the SAME OLD THINGS THE DOCTOR ALWAYS DOES because the Doctor is just a crazy explorer that stumbles in on things and befriends everyone around themselves or makes enemies of them. Never a mid-ground.

I’ve struggled to review this episode, not in a negative way but because there is so much I want to talk about that I either go on and on at length about characters I like, what I hope will happen next or what I didn’t like so much and my worries that I think I’m bogging down such a important review with such pointless things. So whilst this might be the most boring and ugly review you will read on this episode it is also going to be to the point because this IS a important episode.

We got to meet the new Doctor and it in a way shapes our entire view point going into a new era.

First off Jodie Whittaker IS the Doctor.

I know that is obvious but for all those who get on their high horses sometimes you just can’t like a Doctor and the series feels empty because of it. You try and you know in reality they are a Doctor but you just can’t sit there and go “that, that is the moment I knew I was watching Doctor Who.”

From the SECOND Whittaker crashed into the train she was the Doctor. No the entrance wasn’t what did it, there was just this effortless all over the place feeling to her that all my favourite Doctors have. Quick witted, muddled and always marching forward. I honestly can’t wait to see how she develops and molds the character to make it her own. At the moment I am getting big Matt Smith/Eleven vibes which obviously I’m going to love because I love Matt Smith and Eleven but there is enough already there that I can see her version of the Doctor taking shape and I loved it.

As for the companions I love big TARDIS parties and this one is OK at the moment. Tosin Cole is the highlight not just because his character is sweet and interesting but because he really has this subtle way of getting over how he is feeling without having to constantly be speaking and telling us. I don’t know but I think he’ll be the breakout of the trio. Mandip Gill is great but I’m struggling to really like Yas at the moment, her introduction didn’t help, I dunno something about it just made me roll my eyes but she has great chemistry with Cole and both of them really worked well with Whittaker so I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Bradley Walsh is kind of the odd one out, in some moments he shone and others he really got on my wick. I think he’ll be great if they let the spirit of Grace run through him, his story of how he feels like he shouldn’t be there as a survivor of cancer was emotional and I feel we’ll get some really great moments from him and Cole whilst Whittaker and Gill might be the action heroes of the piece.

As a first statement Tzim-Sha is a good one. A interesting new bad guy who actually made me think “If I was a kid watching this he’d be the most amazing yet terrifying thing I’d ever seen” which is what Doctor Who is all about really. His design was amazing and whilst his Pod was too CBBC for me, no not a insult just some BBC shows look like they belong in the Chuckle Brothers universe (RIP Barry Chuckle) and it takes me out of the drama, everything else about him was childhood nightmare fuel. Really great first bad guy who also let us really get to know our new Doctor, she was able to talk to him about what she thinks and what she likes and dislikes and it added a layer to Thirteen before we’ve really got to meet her.

Grace was by far the best character in the episode but I will talk about her right at the end in my spoiler part.

Overall it isn’t 100% I’m in love feelings but it is close enough and with the cast they let us know we get to see this series after the end credits I’m so into it. THEY HAVE ALAN CUMMING! Both me and Anna just screamed hearing that and I think the reaction to him was only second to Tobias Menzie being in a episode.

Honestly if you haven’t watched it because “yuck the Doctor should be a bloke” then seriously you’ll miss out and I’m not sad you will. I didn’t know what to expect but at the end of the day it is just Doctor Who and Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor.

Now spoilers….




What makes Tzim-Sha so nightmarish is the teeth, like how many people on the planet have a teeth thing? Nightmares about losing teeth and the like? Also when they aren’t in your mouth where they are meant to be how weird do they look? Having a bad guy whose face is adorned with them is brilliant, it really was a great first monster.

I guess the biggest spoiler I wanted to talk about is Grace.

Grace, played by Sharon D. Clarke, was probably my favourite character in Doctor Who. Ever.

She is so important to the story too.

When we open with Ryan talking on YouTube about wanting to tell us about the most amazing and so on woman he’d ever met I guess you were meant to believe it was going to be the Doctor but from the moment it flashed over to him with her I knew it was going to be Grace. She believed the Doctor, she was brave, she did what had to be done and was the perfect companion. When she died it actually made me cry which is something Doctor Who hasn’t been able to do since Eleven’s reign and I do like some emotion in my Doctor Who.

She would have been spectacular with Whittaker and it is a shame we won’t see that.


She also was the big influence in Ryan’s life and something good in Graham’s which means her spirit will continue and I feel she could be a big feature in the series in a way. She has kind of defined what these three have to live up to in one episode and I’m sad she won’t be around for more.

Also at the moment…

Doctor Who killing people and them staying dead?

Whilst I love her I really do hope they keep her killed off, it was such a poignant moment and I don’t want to see it ruined even for a happier ending.

I will try and be more on time with next week’s episode. Hopefully it’ll be better and Thirteen will soar into my top 10 in no time.

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