Deadman Wonderland : Caretaker (Undertaker)

Episode 10

“Hakamori (Andāteikā)”(墓守(アンダーテイカー))

It finally happened. Something big and dramatic that is meant to tug at the heart strings happened and all I did was sit and watch with no interest. The rushing of the story has finally had the worst effect possible, its made me not care one iota about the whole thing.

Once more it kind of speeds through but its a interesting episode. A little fact is that I got so bored of the show that I stopped watching it and came back a little later on and actually whilst I still see the problem with a lot of this being how its just rushed through everything it might just be the fact I’d stopped binge watching it and letting it annoy me but this episode at least felt well done.

It doesn’t take long for Rokuro to admit to the group, after they reassemble and try to come up with Plan B, that they were all meant to die in the explosion. He brings Undertakers with him to kill them all but they are saved by Senji.

There was a lot of Ganta being a big cry baby in the episode. Crying over wanting to help, crying over being told to stop feeling sorry for himself and crying over being too weak to do anything. I liked how the group didn’t just pander to his childish need to be loved and told he was worthwhile and Senji has the group in general sussed when he pointed out that they were just a lost group looking for a Alpha Male to lead them into a world they think is going to be better then this one but which is just the same just out there it isn’t as black and white as it is in here.

Whilst Ganta respects Senji’s strength I don’t think he bothers to listen to what he has to say, he’s pretty much the biggest cry baby of them all and to be honest I’ve lost all interest in even paying attention to what he has to say on anything. He’s so annoying. His over reaction and not letting Shiro explain herself at the beginning of the episode was pretty much my last straw, he isn’t as great as others seem to think he is and hes just really annoying.

I loved how Senji was just so over powered yet he didn’t even really know it himself. He’s so dumb yet so smart its amazing. Like just being told that his Branch of Sin won’t do anything makes him come up with a sonic boom attack that takes everyone out. His speech though showed his intelligence as he’s not blind enough to think things will get better if he leaves.

Makina might be able to prove that after overhearing Tamaki and the defense secretary doing business in Tamaki’s office its obvious that the Branch of Sin is being tested here for a wider use as well. It might not be as simple as telling people about what is going on in Deadmans Wonderland because people higher up then they could possibly guess are probably in on it.

Quite like Makina, wish there was more of her and less of the boob jokes to be honest. She’s a pretty cool character.

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