Deadman Wonderland : Pro-Oxidant (Worm Eater)

Episode 9

“Sanka Sokushin-zai (Wāmu Ītā)”(酸化促進剤(ワームイーター))

Quite the sad episode last time out. Rokuro is a double agent, the plans are going to go up the shitter because of him and Karako looks to be in trouble. Hoping she survives and he doesn’t. But who knows?

Hibana Daiba is a absolute psycho. She’s the little girl Undertaker that comes to confront Nagi, getting annoyed he won’t come quietly she starts lobbing off flesh and when he provokes her she just goes straight out batshit crazy. She was meant to bring him in alive but I think its well past that stage now. He is able to take her out and send the elevator down to the others but at the cost of his life and having to listen to Rokuro brag.

I don’t know why but the episode fell flat for me though. Whilst Hibana is a interesting character, a tortured little girl that snapped and went crazy and is now being used by the vilest of creatures, and her attacks both when she was calm and in a frenzy were hell of a cool and nasty I just wasn’t engaged with the episode.

I think we have a abundance of characters that you want to care about but personally I just don’t care about anymore because I’ve seen what happens, they just don’t get developed and you don’t see them as much as you want. So whilst I believe Nagi wanted to do what was right, whilst I knew he was a lovely dude and that this was fucking terrible to happen to him I just didn’t care. Why should I have cared? The amount of bodies in this episode is only second to the first two with the massacre and Dog Race. But it was mindless killing of a group that should have meant more to you then they did.

Try as I may I could never figure out what it was that Nagi was saying over the radio but Shiro showed up to save the day in the end and throw the data chip into a fire, making a explosion so I’m only able to guess that he was telling them the data chip was a trap. Wouldn’t surprise me, not sure why Nagi thought it would mean anything when Rokuro had his mitts all over it and has just turned out to be a traitor. I mean the second his Branch of Sin was soon to be useless against Hibana you’d think he’d realise that Rokuro was able to manipulate data.

Just kind of sad overall that its such a good story with some interesting characters but big moments like this are falling flat because I just don’t care. I wish I did care.


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