Deadman Wonderland : Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain)

Episode 8

“Jiyū no Kusari (Sukā Chein)”(自由の鎖(スカーチェイン))

So nothing ever stops for two seconds to let us get used to what we’ve just been told. Ganta is being asked to join a group that is trying to bring down Deadman Wonderland from the inside, Shiro is controlled by the Lullaby that Project Mother Goose pipes out and when it isn’t playing she’s the Wretched Egg and we’ve got a cool new character who is a Undertaker and ended the last episode attacking Ganta and his new friends.

Oh and we forever need to hug Yo.

Its another one of those episodes were I was left shaking my head in disbelief at Ganta’s ever changing personality. Also if this is the end of Karako its another waste of a character by absolutely rushing through the story at top speed.

I loved the moral of the story really. It didn’t truly get drilled into Ganta’s head but it was nice to see a group who really wanted just freedom. Nagi isn’t out for revenge even though this place killed his wife, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone more then he has to he just wants people to see what this place really is and escape to be free again.

That message kind of got through to Ganta but he’s still a character that yo-yo’s through his own mental state so fast that it didn’t really leave a lasting impression on him. He thinks he’s found a kindred spirit in Nagi but instead he see’s the importance of just getting out and living in freedom again, a conversation that should have been hammered home when talking to Shiro later on who is obsessed with the Ferris Wheel and he promises that they’ll go on one soon together.

It wasn’t very hard to see that the villain of the piece was working from within the whole time. Rokuro is a absolute dick, he takes a instant dislike for Ganta and even does something to the security footage to make it look like Ganta just missed the Undertaker. When he showed up with the two Undertakers it didn’t surprise me at all but made it simply the saddest to know that their plan was doomed from the absolute beginning. They had no chance what so ever. It’ll be interesting to see how


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