Deadman Wonderland : Original Sin (Wretched Egg)

Episode 7

“Genzai (Rechiddo Eggu)”(原罪(レチッド・エッグ))

So Hummingbird was interesting. Shiro is a bit scary now. Yo just needs a giant hug and Senji is a sweetie-pie.

This is still a horror anime though. Kind of.

Well one mystery is solved but another starts up. I finally get excited about characters just to meet new ones and worry that we’re not going to get to really get to know any of them. New rules, new everything.

Shiro and Ganta seem to have known each other as kids, Ganta now remembers it and his memories seems to indicate that Shiro was experimented on as a kid. She goes on about injections and her feet and hands hurting in the flashback and we’ve already seen in some that she’s told she’s stronger then the other kids. This all leads to Shiro having a double personality one of those personalities being Wretched Egg. Pretty sad really.

It also makes a little sense of why maybe they haven’t made Ganta’s revenge story the big deal it probably should have been. I’ve gone on about how flimsy a character I feel Ganta is and I stand by it but having Shiro as the bad guy means that he’s going to suffer from not being able to bring her down. Now whether or not she’s the original Wretched Egg, whether or not something else is going to happen I don’t know yet but its still not something I’m too interested in.

At this moment I very much AM enjoying Ganta. Like I say characters like Deku and him are boring but they have their place as this moralistic compass. Sure sometimes all their compasses are a bit bogus and up in the air, because morality is like that, looking at the world with innocent eyes you don’t see that morality isn’t something you can stick to rigidly, even the most moralistic of society will believe something that goes against their own moral compass without really knowing it. So those characters annoy me but the thing that makes them good characters is that put in a group they kind of glue it together.

THAT is what we had for a little bit in this episode.

Minatsuki gets over herself a little bit, Yo becomes a overbearing big brother and Senji is the sweetie pie I keep saying he is. Altogether it makes a interesting little moment between the lot of them, its interactions like that I’d love to see more of.

Its not to be though as we get introduced to the Undertakers, guys keeping the peace with the Deadman, and Scar Chain, a group working to destroy Deadman Wonderland.

Nagi and Karako of Scar Chain are instantly likable characters and I loved Genkaku the Undertaker. It once more reminds me that the series seemingly has branched out so far that its lost what could have been a few really interesting stories because of it.

Deadman Wonderland, the outside prison, was a interesting concept. The games, the fact the games are deadly, seeing Ganta kind of get used to what he now has to face… That was all seriously interesting parts of the story that they kind of rushed into one episode.

So then we get this inner world inhabited by the true psychopaths and evildoers you want from something tagged as a horror series.

But you don’t get to know them well enough. Things still push on so fast. You get flashes of “dorm life” as it were because its more like a dorm then a prison but then you had the two fights and the mysteries keep piling up. Now instead of letting us breath and see Ganta once again have to get used to his new role in life we have a organisation that wants him to work with them to bring the whole thing down. Again a interesting concept but by this point Ganta doesn’t work as a character, you don’t get enough time to get to know any character and every time a new one appears you feel sad because you want to know more about them and know you won’t get a chance.


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